T95 Max - cannot install MATE under Ubuntu, HDMI issue, fan, eMMC support


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I recently got a 2 GB RAM / 16 GB T95 Max TV box. I have been playing with the Armbian images from:




Are these the best / most up-to-date pre-built Armbian images for my box? I noticed that thread has been closed. I am aware this box is not officially supported by the project.


The first issue I have encountered, and I presume this could also well be a general bug in Armbian although I have not confirmed by trying it on my supported BananaPi M1 yet, is that I am unable to install the mate desktop under either of the focal images due to a package conflict. ubuntu-mate-default-settings_20.04.3_arm64.deb attempts to overwrite the file /usr/lib/chromium-browser/master_preferences which is contained within linux-focal-root-current-arm-64. To me this seems like a packaging error as chromium prefs shouldn't be included in the non-desktop images, chromium being an X app.


I have successfully installed MATE under the Debian buster image but I get the impression that the panfrost X driver isn't included in the buster mesa packages, right? Hence, I really want to be running focal to get panfrost without rebuilding mesa etc.


With both the buster and focal images, if I disconnect then reconnect the HDMI  the picture does not return on my display without power cycling the box. Is this a known issue with running Armbian on H6 boards?


I've have tried to rebuild ffmpeg on my T95 but it only gets so far before it overheats. Can anyone recommend a good USB powered fan or cooler?


If I run 'lsblk' it only shows my sd card, not the eMMC. Is it not possible to install Linux onto or to use the eMMC under Armbian on the T95 Max?


Finally, I have had to use the Allwinner Phoenix USB tool under Windows to update my boxs Android. Is there not a Linux tool to reflash Allwinner H6 boxes? The (very poor) manual that came with my box claims you should be able to reflash by sticking the image on an sd card and holding the AV button down but I had no luck with that.


Its OT for this forum but I failed to get the included remote to work under Android, even after updating to the latest official firmware that I could find online although I didn't find the official page for the T95 Max, if there is one?


Thanks for your help!

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