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Odroid HC2 Hard Drive not found / readable under Armbian Focal


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Hi all,


My Hard Drive in my HC2 is not found or not readable. Before I was on Armbian Buster with Kernel 4.14 and everything was working fine.

I switched and am now running Armbian Focal 21.05.2 with Kernel 5.4.116 . HDD is btrfs formatted. /proc/filesystems lists btrfs so this is not the problem. /dev/sda exists, but sda will not be listed when I lsblk.

Dmesg shows a Read Capacity(16) failed. Not posting the whole dmesg log b/c armbianmonitor is attached.


Grateful for any help or hints =)

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2 minutes ago, MowTee said:

HDD is btrfs formatted

I highly suspect this is something to do with filesystem driver incompatibility between kernel 4.14.y and 5.4.y. We don't support BTRFS even commercially, but you can find commercial support elsewhere https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Btrfs#Commercial_support Perhaps there is a way to upgrade somehow ...


7 minutes ago, MowTee said:

Grateful for any help or hints =)


Plan B will only cost you your time. Starting from 4.14.y, coping elsewhere, starting with 5.4.y ... or staying on 4.14.y.

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