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Firendlyelec Nanopi R4S doesn't start


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target : nanopi R4S/4Gb


I downloaded the last image from the armbian site for the friendlyelec nanopi RS4. I flashed an A1 SD card of 32GB. I only see one partition (after a 17MB offset).

When I try to use it on my R4S, the red power led lights up, then nothing, even after several minutes.

I opened the router and connected a serial converter on the console, in this case also there is no sign of life after the power on...

I have flashed on another SD card an ubuntu image from the friendlyelec site. This image boots, but it seems that the configuration of the console is not the usual default one => the speed 115200 does not work.

I guest the boot sequence doesn't work... or, more pragmatically, I forgot something, but what ?

I saw on a friendlyelec comment, somebody announced he succeed to start an Armbian image, but unfortunately he did not say how...


best regards

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