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Khadas Vim3 does not start with new kernel 5.15 or new u-boot


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I was trying Jammy (autobuild) with kerenl 5.15.18 on Khadas Vim3 4GB RAM, but is does not start, no HDMI output, no LED activity. Then I tried Hirsute with kerenl 5.13 and that boots fine, but after update new kernel (5.15) and also u-boot is installed and then it does not start again.


My solution for now is to boot Hirsute with 5.13 and replace all edge packages with current (linux-dtb-current-meson64, linux-image-current-meson64, and linux-u-boot-khadas-vim3-current). This downgrades the kernel to 5.10.81, but the board can be updated and boots fine.

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@TRS-80Of course you can ping me.
@fikThat is indeed the best way to work. Either freeze kernel, or use 5.10
Been a while that I tested it, but I also remember edge being unusable. There is a problem with all meson64 boards and edge. Someone is working on it. But no idea when it will be fixed. Too much work for too little hands.
VIM3 development is also still in early fase. More things will not work. Check the cpu frequency. Possible it's set to 1.5Ghz on all cores. This because the configuration of the Odroid C2 was used as a base for the VIM3.
I think you can set it with "sudo nano /etc/default/cpufrequtils"

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It seems that the kernel is not a problem. Now running linux-image-edge-meson64 and linux-dtb-edge-meson64. That is the kernel 5.15.18. The problem is the u-boot. I have to use linux-u-boot-khadas-vim3-current as linux-u-boot-khadas-vim3-edge does not work.


Thanks for the cpufrequtils. It seems you can only set one frequency for both little and big cores. Setting the big cores to the default 2.2 GHz overclocks the little cores to 2.0GHz from default 1.8GHz. But it seems to work OK.

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I've got about the same situation, no HDMI output, no network activity, trying to sort out with the serial port, but not luck for the moment.

Do you have any suggestions on how to restore the board? Doesn't boot with Kresque also :(

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Now the combination of current u-boot and edge kernel works just fine: linux-image-edge-meson64-23.02.2 contains kernel 6.2.0-rc3-meson64, linux-u-boot-khadas-vim3-current-23.02.2 contains u-boot 2022.07.


Concerning your recovery question, do you run from emmc, or SD card? SD card is easier, insert into another arm linux, do chroot and downgrade/upgrade uboot and kernel.


If you run from emmc, you can flash a minimal system on SD card and insert it. SD card should is booted booted before emmc. Then you chroot and repair. Hope, it helps.

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