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Install to vim3 without krescue?

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I was going to install armbian on a new vim 3 board but it seems that krescue no longer exists. 


Is there another way to install armbian to a vim 3?   Does the vim 4 have the same problem? 

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1 hour ago, Erica said:

but it seems that krescue no longer exists.


Boot from SD card and install it classic way (armbian-install) doesn't work?

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I had tried, but when it didnt work  I read the directions for the board which say to get krescue still.  


I still have manjaro running on my other board from june.  So i never did get armbian on my other vim3. 

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Ive tried both armbian downloads, and the original manjaro.  None do anything. 

I end up in android only the krecover 

Image has actually booted from sd. 


Im doing something wrong but i dont know what. 

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I should report that I successfully installed bookworm on the vim3 pro by wiping emmc and spi with my old version of krescue. 

I still have no answer without krescue. 


I installed minimal, then xorg and xmonad. 

No dm or desktop. 


It seems stable, but with xorg it only runs a while before there is a run away process and it locks up and overheats. It could be anything, but i run a barebones xmonad, emacs setup.   Still running on sdcard. 

Fully updated. 

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