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BBcode Formatting Support Has Been disabled


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Legacy functionality -- bbcode support has been disabled.   The current editor version has richer formatting support natively..   Disabling the bbcode formatting should improve editor performance.



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No not really.  I just like to gripe whenever things are deprecated in favor of 'modern' alternatives, especially ones that surely use (proprietary?) JavaScript.


But I have used it, most recently for the last release announcement.  When trying to convert the result of HedgeDoc site (Markdown) into the forum, using bbcode was my approach.  I almost got it to work.  I am not aware of anything else that might even come close to being scriptable.


My understanding (from brief research at that time) was that Invision themselves have deprecated it a long time ago already.  So I am only ribbing you a bit, not really sure how feasible it is for us to keep it.


But there is also, for example, bbcode-mode in Emacs.  And I do use Edit With Emacs (FF plug-in) quite often.



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Ha yeah it was extremely deprecated lol.    


I was in a "there has to be a markdown plugin" mode scouring the interweb and saw that.


On that note I think I did toggle the plain text paste flag off.   So copying rendered markdown into the editor may work.


Anyway the editor seems to be a whole seperate body of work independent from Invision other than it'd what they use.     Sounds like Invision actually has their own upgrading to do from "v4" to "v5"

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For your amusement, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Bjarne Stroustrup, which I serendipitously came across (again) just yesterday:



Legacy code often differs from its suggested alternative by actually working and scaling.




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