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Rock Pi 4: Does ArmBian build their own U-Boot and TF-A binaries?



The binaries supplied with the ArmBian release for the Rock Pi 4 work great.


However, when I try to build my own from Mainline sources, I see lots of booting issues.


Do you use Rockchip provided binaries, or are they built from scratch?


Any help would be gratefully received.

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21 hours ago, lag-linaro said:

work great


Thank you!

I know it works best. We have sponsored this development for the ones that sold you hardware. You can make a donation hereBefore you burst out with one million dollar questions that can only be answered to business clients, take a look at FAQ.

BTW. This is open source, so we are not hiding anything. Just if you are not covering our time, we can't help. I hope you are able to understand that.

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OP place this question on many forums and chat channels so I am sure he found it by now.


25 minutes ago, ning said:

you need goto LibreELEC, it supports upstream TF-A for a lot of board.


AFAIK we also do but he can also look into the code like anyone else.

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