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Odd network behavior after reinstall (no ip for ethernet)

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I reflashed the sd after some issues and while firstrun script connected me to service provider wifi without error, the ethernet (currently connected to win11 enterprise) doesn't  get an IP. Does windoze need to act as DHCP server? If so, will it clobber the wifi?  Conversely, if I set the Pi as DHCP server for strategic reasons, will it clobber Windoze wifi connection? 


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This sounds quite confusing.


PHY is set to DHCP by default so it tries to aquire a lease by a DHCP server available in the network. If you don't have one you have to find another way to make the board connectable via copper. Like using UART serial console or build your own script using custom configuration.

Cannot say about using Pi as DHCP since I dont know your full network setup and therefore no idea if that would work. A dhcp server is usually also some kind a router to NAT data to a different network or WAN.

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