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Reduce Amount of Read/Write to preserver disk


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Hello Guys,


i am running an Odroid C2 with the latest Armbian based on debian Bullseye. As disk i am using an 8GB emmc flash drive. For longlive reasons i am thinking about to reduce the read or more important the write access to that drive. I know, that every SD card and also every EMMC flash drive got a certain amount of write access and then its dead...


So i am ask you what can i do to reduce read/write:

- move logs to external usb?

- activate ZRAM?

- disable cache...?

- tmpfs?


I am just at the beginning of this, so kindly let me know if you guys have some well know hints.




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1 hour ago, Schlotze83! said:

So i am ask you what can i do to reduce read/write:


You don't need to do anything as Armbian developers studied this in deep many years ago and adjust it best. Arnbian by default does this for you.


Enjoy using it. If you care to understand, use search above and find original topics from 2015/16.

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