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Mekotronics Rk3588 mini pc

Mini pc

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20 часов назад, Mini pc сказал:

Model: mini pc mekotronics rk3588 plastic box

Hmm, I have not seen mecotronics models with rk3588 in a plastic case and without an SD card. Show a photo of the device or a link to it.



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51 minutes ago, Mini pc said:

Strange. I was contacted by them to review an Mekotronics R56 Mini PC.
Mine would have a metal case, but I think the board is the same. Didn't notice it doesn't have an sd-card. They mentioned it'd have SATA, don't see that on yours.
Is there any reason you need Armbian? Is there something wrong with their images? Do they actually have images to download? It states on their website to have Debian 11 and Ubuntu 20.04. I didn't look into it yet.

My guess would be it's a bit early for Armbian on it. Only RK3588 that I know of has Armbian is Rock5B. So if you'd be willing to put in the work to compare rock5B dtb with the dtb of their images and manage to get it working.
But if no dev has this device, then I don't think real Armbian support will come. I'm no dev...

ps. Now I see the SATA, on top of the device with room for a drive. That is nice.

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14 часов назад, Mini pc сказал:

Here is my pc and there is no slot for an sd card:

Interestingly, this is the first time I've seen this model. The presence of SATA and the ability to easily connect standard SSD drives is interesting. The lack of an SD card is a big minus, it will significantly complicate the use of this device, but this can be circumvented if the u-boot source code for this model is available to me. But I don't have this model, so I can't help you with anything.


13 часов назад, NicoD сказал:

Only RK3588 that I know of has Armbian is Rock5B.

you have fallen behind the reality again   :)

Armbian for Firefly Station M3 (rk3588s-roc-pc) has been around for a long time and is well supported.

AltLinux for M3 is also available. Also, I am currently testing\debugging Libreelec for Station M3. So the support for Station M3 is much better than Rock 5b :)





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7 hours ago, balbes150 said:

you have fallen behind the reality again   :)

I didn't know or forgot about that one. Too many things to remember and not enough braincells left.
I thought I'd have about every RK3588(S) there was. Not the Station M3 it seems.
I'm also getting a "Mixtile Blade 3". I know very little about the device, except that it has PCIe. @balbes150 I don't suppose you're going to support that?
The Mekotronics I'm planning to use as an Android device only(if Android is as good as Edge2). Got Edge2, R6S and Rock5B for Linux. That Blade3 I'd love to test PCIe devices on. Maybe make a better NAS from it than HC4 with 4x SATA PCIe adapter. It already has 2.5GbE.
Good job! Any other RK3588(s) you will support?

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34 минуты назад, NicoD сказал:

I don't suppose you're going to support that?

I don't understand what model we are talking about, do you have a link?


35 минут назад, NicoD сказал:

Any other RK3588(s) you will support?

Only the ones I have, but not all. :)

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I've got my Mekotronics. It's an R58 with aluminum case. It's written on it on the bottom that's and X. But the online documentation says the R58X is another model.

It does have a SATA connector, but no room for a drive. And that small plastic that keeps the ribon in already broken off. That's a pitty, now I'm jealous of the plastic one.

Seems software is limited. Android ain't great. But it works. Needs chinese software to install something else.
The case isn't used for cooling. It has an ok sized heatsink. But not sure if that's going to keep it cool with a continuous max load. I'll see. Seems also made for digital signage with all the HDMI/DP. 2 x HDMI-out + DP + USB-C DP. And HDMI-in.
Too bad the ethernet is 1Gb. I'd love to have seen 2.5GbE. For that the Mixtile Blade3 will be great. That'll be a very overpowered NAS :) I'm replacing all my running machines with RK3588. Got enough :) Now still waiting on the Rock5B to hopefully be my main desktop.
Edge2 does that well enough, but I hate the fan and the need for it.

@balbes150I can ask my contact if you can have a R58 mini PC if you'd like? I'd love to see Armbian on it. But it's not a need for me. Got other devices for Linux. And I do want an Android RK3588 for gaming.
It also isn't a perfect RK3588 mini-PC. Lacking NVMe for that, the plastic one then is better with the SATA. They are working on another model with NVMe.

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