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Armbian developers meeting 12/28/2022


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Event -> Video (with transcripts and comments)


1. Merging NEXT (updated slides)

We discussed progress made in past week (Jira Epic) and set limited expectations for following week due to holidays season. We will try to enable rootfs caching CI at first (which has to be compatible with master) and Docker image creation next (which probably isn't?) 

2. Unifying boot process


Most single board computers needs good overlay handling so moving them to complete generic image is likely / in short term not possible. We still can not count on DTBless or DT from u-boot only, well support from vendor SPI. If we want to move like everything to UEFI and keep things operation / loose no feature, its a lot of work. Sorting out u-boots and going extlinux way with support for multiple kernels (NEXT/CURRENT) might be the best mid-way. 

3. When 6.2 and 6.1, current / edge

Keeping and stabilising 6.1 at EDGE for few months, waiting that it will be tagged as LTS for sure. Keeping new things like 3588 / 3568 at their own kernel branches, CURRENT = 6.1, EDGE = 6.2 (at once)


@rpardini @JetHomeDid I forget to mention something important?

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