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Armbian developers meeting 1/25/2023


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git shortlog since last week...


Ricardo Pardini <ricardo@pardini.net> (74):
      armbian-next: nextify "Re-enabling support for Rpi3"
      armbian-next: still fighting `tee` leaking under duress, turns out I _hadn't_ really won
      armbian-next: still fighting `tee` leaking: now I think I won, again
      armbian-next: somewhat-better handling/logging when using Docker (don't show two logfiles to inspect)
      armbian-next: rename too-long main function to `prep_conf_main_build_single()`
      armbian-next: hopefully improved error logging; avoid logging errors up to 3x; subdued red stacktraces
      armbian-next: `patching`: less horrible patching log, pt 37
      armbian-next: fix missing `BOARD_TYPE`
      armbian-next: `git`: show "fetch completed" info, lest user thinks fetch is hanging while checking out
      armbian-next: `patching`: less horrible patching log, pt 38: downgrade utf-8 mbox to log warning, mark as problem
      armbian-next: fix ATF build under binutils 2.39+ via `TF_LDFLAGS=--no-warn-rwx-segment`
      `media`: fixes for bad mbox/unneeded patches `media-edge` and `media-current` - thanks to @schwar3kat
      `rk322x-box`: fix relative path reference to .bin in patch (a-n changed u-boot path on disk) - for @paolosabatino
      armbian-next: `countdown`: split off file for countdown functions (countdown-to-abort and countdown-to-continue)
      armbian-next: `kernel`: `git`: split via-ORAS and via-Bundle tangle
      armbian-next: `kernel`: `git`: remove dead code, `GIT_PRE_FETCH_HOOK` / `checked_out_revision_mtime`
      armbian-next: replace bare `sync` invocations by introducing `wait_for_disk_sync()`; sync early at start of build
      WiP: adaptive shallow/full Kernel git bare git (3gb -> 300mb download)
      armbian-next: fix, don't try to get pid descendants on non-Linux (fixes Darwin cleanups)
      armbian-next: darwin: try to get rid of `.DS_Store` sneaky bastards before launching Docker
      armbian-next: back to cleaning downloaded bundles/gitballs after they've converted to bare tree & proven working
      armbian-next: git: detect, and stop, when git bare trees vs worktrees have been shuffled around and can't be recovered
      armbian-next: git: disallow forcing impossible shallow/full; warn if it's the case
      armbian-next: docker: archive logfiles again; warn & greet testers when archiving many old logfiles
      armbian-next: logging: new log file / summary nomenclature
      armbian-next: bsp: use `prepare_temp_dir_in_workdir_and_schedule_cleanup()`; bring back `PACKAGES_SEARCH_ROOT_ABSOLUTE_DIRS`
      armbian-next: firmware-deb.sh: prefix temp dir so it's "deb-firmware"
      armbian-next: extensions: move 'extensions.sh' into library; replace manual source with init function
      armbian-next: fix ANSI logs, use reset at strategic places
      armbian-next: `docker`: don't bomb if stdin is not a terminal (eg, in CI)
      armbian-next: `docker`: pass `CI` env down to Docker (for GHA etc)
      armbian-next: python/pip: solve crazy with `/usr/bin/pip3` by not using it (instead, `python3 -m pip`); don't mask errors
      armbian-next: `docker`: warn & countdown if we can't write to `cache/docker`; continue by using `.tmp/docker` if not aborted.
      armbian-next: countdown: if to test `-t 0` (0: stdin, 1:stdout) for interactive-ness; also test in if-not-aborted version
      armbian-next: interactive: info msg before (slow) gathering of all boards
      armbian-next: logging: (very, very early beta) for uploading/sharing of ANSI log file online
      armbian-next: kernel/logging: stop lying about LD/AR/INSTALL/SIGN/XZ make output
      armbian-next: patching: accept b4's magic marker `git@z Thu Jan  1 00:00:00 1970` for mbox validations
      armbian-next: mark `remove_all_trap_handlers()` deprecated, it never did anything
      armbian-next: downloads.sh: some cleanup and add debugging to `get_urls()`
      armbian-next: `logging`: validate where not already in a logging section when trying to start a new one
      armbian-next: `apt`: expand local caching to include package lists, as well as .deb's
      armbian-next: `main`: split `default-build` into `build-packages`, `start-end`
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: split `create-cache` into `rootfs-create`
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: new CLI command for rootfs cache building; further refactorings
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: adapt to new reality after huge refactor
      armbian-next: `aggregation`: dont' require or consider `BOARD` or `LINUXFAMILY` for aggregation anymore
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: build rootfs from CLI, sans-BOARD, sans-FAMILY, etc -- rootfs are meant to be shared
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: reset UID of produced rootfs tarball; announce what is doing and what has done
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: converge `rootfs-cache` and `rootfs` together; exchange BOARD for ARCH
      armbian-next: use unified methods for tmp dir handling all around (except ATF, which is special)
      armbian-next: extensions: `nomod`: for when you really don't care about modules
      armbian-next: we don't really need target `RELEASE` defined to install host deps (for now), don't freak out about it
      armbian-next: kernel-debs: re-enable postinst debugging; fix bad builddeb port for zImage armhf (image_name == NAME_KERNEL)
      armbian-next: cleanup, kill and add to-do's, remove dead code, turn down logging, squash future shortcircuit bugs
      armbian-next: extrawifi: include `driver_uwe5622_allwinner()` in harness
      armbian-next: extrawifi: include all `patch/misc/wireless*.patch` and `patch/misc/*wifi*.patch` in drivers hash calculation
      armbian-next: kernel-debs: force `arch/arm/boot/zImage` as vmlinuz for armhf
      armbian-next: kernel-debs: squash some warnings; add `KERNEL_SRC_ARCH` to arch configs; don't warn about `NAME_KERNEL`
      armbian-next: wait_for_disk_sync(): warn only if more than 30s fsync
      armbian-next: binfmt: make sure we have all `binfmt`'s setup & enabled for `rootfs` build (v2)
      armbian-next: `docker`: don't spew errors about sharing cache if cache doesn't even exist
      armbian-next: GHA & rootfs adventures, pt 1
      armbian-next: aggregation: quick & dirty "potential paths" in Markdown
      armbian-next: riscv64: move `debian-ports-archive-keyring` from main to debootstrap; also only for `sid`
      meson64: edge/6.2: spi-nor: add support for XT25Q64 in addition to XT25F128B
      meson64: edge/6.2: bump to `6.2-rc5`
      meson64: edge/6.2: rebase onto `v6.2-rc5`
      armbian-next: cli: `kernel` cli forces `KERNEL_CONFIGURE=no`; @TODO this should only "default to", not force. for proper kernel cli, later
      armbian-next: logging: pure ASCII .log; included in Markdown for GHA
      armbian-next: docker/gha: pass down a bunch of GHA specific vars (list unconfirmed)
      armbian-next: rootfs: curb logging; GHA outputs `rootfs_cache_id_version`, `rootfs_cache_id` and `rootfs_out_filename_relative`
      Docs: slides (1-slide update 25/Jan/2022)
      ------------------------ armbian-next END marker -----------------------------

Igor <igor@armbian.com> (3):
      Add CLI alias command `rootfs-cache` for creating rootfs cache
      armbian-next: rootfs: introduce `ROOTFS_COMPRESSION_RATIO`, default 5 for general use, default 15 for `rootfs` CLI; fix pv | tar bug; remove GPG signing
      Clean and unify XFCE and Cinnamon (squashed)


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