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[CNX-Software] - FOSDEM 2023 schedule – Open-source Embedded, Mobile, IoT, Arm, RISC-V, etc… projects


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After two years of taking place exclusively online, FOSDEM 2023 is back in Brussels, Belgium with thousands expected to attend the 2023 version of the “Free and Open Source Developers’ European Meeting” both onsite and online. FOSDEM 2023 will take place on February 4-5 with 776 speakers, 762 events, and 63 tracks. As usual, I’ve made my own little virtual schedule below mostly with sessions from the Embedded, Mobile and Automotive devroom, but also other devrooms including “Open Media”, “FOSS Educational Programming Languages devroom”, “RISC-V”, and others. FOSDEM Day 1 – Saturday February 4, 2023 10:30 – 10:55 – GStreamer State of the Union 2023 by Olivier Crête GStreamer is a popular multimedia framework making it possible to create a large variety of applications dealing with audio and video. Since the last FOSDEM, it has received a lot of new features: its RTP & WebRTC stack has greatly improved, Rust [...]

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3 hours ago, gounthar said:

I'll be at the Jenkins booth mostly, but have planned to meet people from the Ampere community, from CoreBoot and CPU, from Pine64...
Will there be anyone from Armbian?


I am sure there will be! We even played with idea to present armbian-next build framework, but I guess next year or at another conference. I'll have to skip it this year. Somehow too busy.

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18 hours ago, gounthar said:

Too bad, I would have loved to meet.

I'd like to go but finances ain't there. Have to save for a cycling trip in a few months, and investing in computer gear for kids.
Tho just going one afternoon is possible. But I've got to sit 2 hours on the train to get in Brussels, and then go from station to the expo, and 2 hours back. So would be a very boring day. And for just being there a few hours I don't feel it's worth it.
If I would go I'd rather stay the night in Brussels on Saturday and leave Sunday evening. And have my recording gear with me to make video's. Next year I can plan it if others promise to go. Enjoy your time in Brussels. I hope the weather will be good.

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You don't have to justify yourself @NicoD, it was just in case this was possible for you. 🤷‍♂️
Maybe I'll bump into someone else involved in Armbian, you never know who one could meet when in FOSDEM. 😉


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