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Armbian developers meeting 2/1/2023


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1. Checking the progress of Armbian-next






Armbian Next Jira:



2. Moving development related topics to GitHub

Summed here:



3. Questions around upcoming release


Today is the code freeze. Actions:


  • notify maintainers and prepare them to be ready on testings in two weeks from now
  • notify developers:
    • their code gets into release log only if exists in Jira. Minimum requirement is Jira issue or Jira story with Name, short description and field "Fix versions" set to 23.02
    • that code freeze is a milestone when we change our focus into code stabilisation and fixing bugs. It is not expected to drop existing work in progress at once but gradually close it.
    • in the code freeze period, there is additional restriction on code merge: pull requests approval from 1 person to 2 persons



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here's the git shortlog; as mentioned in the meeting, I've reworded quite a bit, so this a lot longer (goes back in time further) than for other meetings.


Ricardo Pardini <ricardo@pardini.net> (441):
      armbian-next: `lib/tools` - python - config definitions capture and massaging
      armbian-next: `general-packaging`, `mkdebian` and `builddeb` are NO MORE
      armbian-next: update defaults and comments in config file
      armbian-next: atf: downgrade gcc errors to warnings, so ATF 2.5, 2.2 and others can be built on modern toolchains
      armbian-next: fix for .bin/.elf copy from atf to uboot dir
      armbian-next: kernel: config: `make olddefconfig` (not `oldconfig`, which is interactive) when `KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes`
      armbian-next: kernel build: always add container (series/patch-dir) mtime as minimum mtime for patch results
      armbian-next: do not exclude 'CC' messages from kernel make
      armbian-next: remove warm/cold bundles from `fetch_from_repo`, replace with 2 invocation-specific hooks and `gitballs` (.tar of .git)
      armbian-next: try to parse `Source: linux-5.x.y-rcZ` correctly into `VER=5.x.y-rcZ` instead of `VER=5.x.y`
      armbian-next: allow overriding rkbins repo URL with `RKBIN_GIT_URL`
      armbian-next: u-boot: introduce `UBOOT_DEBUGGING=yes` which enables `CONFIG_LOG=y` and others
      armbian-next: atf: add `LOG_LEVEL=40` (up from default 20) and `BUILD_STRING="armbian"` to atf make invocation
      armbian-next: back to ANSI logs by default; HTML logs only by `EXPORT_HTML_LOG=yes`
      armbian-next: u-boot: extract into functions; add hooks - for more flexibility
      armbian-next: python: info: replace instances of ${SRC} with literal `${SRC}` so infos are more comparable
      armbian-next: `check_loop_device()` now uses `do_with_retries 5 ...` to give the OS time
      armbian-next: introduce `KERNEL_EXTRA_DIR` to suffix `LINUXSOURCEDIR` forcefully
      armbian-next: kernel-localmodconfig: update `kernel_config_mtime` after running `localmodconfig`, otherwise changes not detected
      armbian-next: traps: cleanups: run cleanups in the reverse order they were added; allow running one single cleanup and removing from list
      armbian-next: cleaning: fix shortcircuits, warn about unknown clean levels
      armbian-next: fix logging headers in HTML/ANSI log output
      armbian-next: WiP: u-boot: add fasthash to u-boot
      armbian-next: u-boot: add debug info when hacking `CONFIG_ENV_IS_IN_EXT4` in u-boot `.config`
      armbian-next: `write_image_to_device`: if `SKIP_VERIFY=no`, don't waste time checksumming the image, it won't be used
      armbian-next: logs: avoid errors by cwd'ing to SRC
      armbian-next: uboot: use CFLAGS/KCFLAGS everywhere; run make through `unbuffer` (from `expect` package) for full color logging
      armbian-next: kernel: run kernel's make through `unbuffer` as well
      armbian-next: cleaning: don't complain about 'none' `CLEAN_LEVEL`
      armbian-next: sources/families: meson64: gx: use `python2` explicitly for calling `acs_tool.pyc`; better logging
      armbian-next: prepare a bin dir inside WORKDIR with a `python` symlink to `/usr/bin/python2` and add it to `PATH`
      armbian-next: retry apt update & apt install family packages in addition to board packages
      armbian-next: fix for tests of `BOOTSCRIPT` and `BOOTCONFIG!=none`
      armbian-next: split `early_prepare_host_dependencies()` (run early, during config, before aggregation) from `prepare_host()` (run after aggregation)
      armbian-next: re-add dependency `fdisk` after juggling rebases
      armbian-next: introduce `ARMBIAN_LOGS_TO_JOURNAL` and `ARMBIAN_LOGS_JOURNAL_IDENTIFIER` (logs `display_alert` to journald)
      armbian-next: debugs about armbianEnv.txt overlays/fdtfile
      armbian-next: deploy bootscript even if BOOTCONFIG=none
      armbian-next: HACK: ROOTFSCACHE_VERSION is undefined and failing everytime
      armbian-next: fix "create list of installed packages for debug"
      armbian-next: many fixes after v29 rebase; mostly involving umount
      armbian-next: let all unmounting of `${MOUNT}` be done by `umount_chroot_recursive`
      armbian-next: less verbose umount_chroot(), except after first try, so we can know what is left mounted
      armbian-next: bye bye `$FAST_CREATE_IMAGE`: always use `truncate` for blank image
      armbian-next: normalize mount/umount `$target`s to have (or not) the trailing slash
      armbian-next: move `resolv.conf` symlink to systemd to post_debootstrap_tweaks so customize phase has working DNS
      armbian-next: grub: call `VER="generic" update_initramfs` when `"${DISTRO_GENERIC_KERNEL}" == "yes"` (so ddk builds work again)
      armbian-next: `umount_chroot_recursive`: don't try to `realpath` unless it's a dir to begin with
      armbian-next: don't break if parsing `BOOT_SOC` out of `BOOTCONFIG` fails; sanity checks for `BOOT_SOC`/`DDR_BLOB`
      armbian-next: export `CHOSEN_KERNEL_WITH_ARCH` again, for reporting only
      armbian-next: `kernel`: add hooks `fetch_sources_for_kernel_driver` and `patch_kernel_for_driver` to allow migrating EXTRAWIFI stuff to extensions
      armbian-next: logging: don't bomb due to lack of `git` or `zstdmt`
      armbian-next: traps: don't duplicate error message/stacktrace when error occurs in subshell; instead indicate clearly `SUBSHELL`
      armbian-next: show `mkfs` ext2/ext4 output (remove `-q`), it's being run under the logging manager already
      armbian-next: the great cli entrypoint (+docker) rewrite; introduce `USE_LOCAL_APT_DEB_CACHE` replacing `apt-cacher-ng`
      armbian-next: always include `libc6-amd64-cross` in hostdeps; `qemu` is a dummy package now, remove
      armbian-next: add `gcc-riscv64-linux-gnu` to hostdeps (`crossbuild-essential-riscv64` is Ubuntu-only)
      armbian-next: WiP/TODO: `extras/buildpkg.sh` code (eg: chroot_installpackages_local) has not been handled yet, warn and don't run it
      armbian-next: retry 3 times for loop device's size, then give up; introduce `RETRY_RUNS` in `do_with_retries()`
      armbian-next: back to including 'cli' `sources/apt` sources when building non-desktops (eg, nala etc)
      armbian-next: make sure we're running on Bash 5.x at least
      armbian-next: make sure we've coreutils
      armbian-next: don't force SHOW_LOG=yes during Dockerfile build; we're verbose enough without it
      armbian-next: docker: try support Rancher Desktop (in dockerd mode), experimental.
      armbian-next: docker: don't even try to to prepare Docker, if it's not available
      armbian-next: cleanup `extensions` logging, using `display_alert` new levels `extensions` (`SHOW_EXTENSIONS=yes`) and `extensionstrace` (`SHOW_EXTENSIONS_TRACE=yes`)
      armbian-next: cleanup logging in distro-agnostic.sh; don't use `install.log` or such
      armbian-next: `mountpoints.sh` with all bind/volume directories definitions and looping func; use it to determine best bind/volume combination for each host OS in Docker
      armbian-next: initial post-`kinetic` `resolved` debacle, for now just WARN don't break; missing resolved package in kinetic?
      armbian-next: `docker`: handle the case where we can't pull, and don't otherwise have, the base image; in this case use original debian/ubuntu image
      armbian-next: don't `uuidgen` twice for no reason
      armbian-next: `docker`: correctly show all Armbian Docker volumes; use bind, not volume, for `output/debs`
      armbian-next: correctly test for systemd `is-system-running --quiet`
      armbian-next: better handling for `binfmt_misc` woes; don't require it when native build & only complain if it really fails
      armbian-next: avoid git cramps when deciding to init repos
      armbian-next: show more complete gcc versions in logs
      armbian-next: `cli`: de-hardcode `build` and `docker`'s interdependence, via `DOCKER_CLI_CMD`
      armbian-next: `cli`: a bit more untangling of re-launching; introduce `ARMBIAN_CLI_RELAUNCH_COMMAND` and `cli_standard_relaunch_docker_or_sudo()`
      armbian-next: remove usage of `REQUIREMENTS_DEFS_ONLY`; initialize extensions for `requirements` cli command & docker pre-game deps
      armbian-next: rename `compile_plymouth-theme-armbian()` to `compile_plymouth_theme_armbian()` for consistency
      armbian-next: `json-info` command, wrapping up the Python tooling; running in Docker; fix config dump
      armbian-next: introduce hook `post_family_config_branch_<branch>()` as convenience after `post_family_config()` hook
      armbian-next: docker: locale-gen + enable all existing extensions before calculating docker hostdeps
      armbian-next: docker: disable showing Docker volume usage; fix syntax in test for `ARMBIAN_RUNNING_IN_CONTAINER`
      armbian-next: the great aggregation rewrite: pt 0: `SHOW_AGGREGATION` debug logging
      armbian-next: introduce `ARMBIAN_FIRMWARE_GIT_SOURCE` and `_BRANCH` to allow custom firmware repository coordinates
      armbian-next: git: do not delete working copies on remote origin mismatch; accept empty origins as valid
      armbian-next: u-boot: use `scripts/config` instead of `sed`ing into the `.config` (BOOTDELAY, CONFIG_LOGLEVEL=6, etc); v2022.10+ only
      armbian-next: `distcc`: optionally using `distcc` for kernel build
      armbian-next: `cli`: `distccd` launcher for build farm
      armbian-next: better `ccache` logs/stats/Docker-support/use in u-boot/kernel
      armbian-next: `call trace` analyzer and call-graph generator
      armbian-next: include `packages.external` and apt `sources` only in DESKTOP builds (pre-`aggregation.py`)
      armbian-next: `aggregation.py` rewrite; introduce `package-lists.sh`; usage in core lib
      armbian-next: `aggregation.py` and `package-lists.sh` usage in core grub-* extensions
      armbian-next: `grub`: fix/hack for grub deploy inside Docker/chroot when /dev/disk/by-uuid is not present; add sanity checks
      armbian-next: `vmware-vm` core extension: enables `image-output-ovf` and adds some cli and desktop packages to image list
      armbian-next: `image-output-utm` core extension: produces qcow2-based UTM ZIP image
      armbian-next: introduce `PREFER_DOCKER`, which acts the same as not-being-root: uses docker always
      armbian-next: `git`: add `origin` remote if it is empty
      armbian-next: REVERT: remove the BUILD_ONLY `build-tasks.sh` which makes no sense in armbian-next
      armbian-next: `qcow2`: introduce `QCOW2_KEEP_IMG=no`, which deletes the original .img after qcow2'ing it
      armbian-next: hostdeps: python2/3: add `setuptools` (required by some u-boot configs)
      armbian-next: `u-boot`: introduce hook `pre_config_uboot_target()`
      armbian-next: `qemu-uboot-arm64` and `qemu-uboot-x86` new boards
      armbian-next: fix for grub's `DISTRO_GENERIC_KERNEL` on Debian (not Ubuntu) during update-initramfs
      armbian-next: docker: implement `docker-purge` and `docker-shell` cli commands; deprecated mountpoints
      armbian-next: logging: helpers for handling special logging if stdout is a terminal (user-interactive)
      armbian-next: non-Docker cleaning of deprecated mountpoints (before general_cleaning)
      armbian-next: kernel: use `git worktree` & kernel.org clone bundles for kernel working copies
      armbian-next: u-boot: use `git worktree` for u-boot; full mainline clone for bare
      armbian-next: logging: add Markdown logging output
      armbian-next: git: `fetch_from_repo()`: determine, use for checkout, and set the SHA1 rev in `checked_out_revision` var
      armbian-next: introduce `INSTALL_HOST_TOOLS=no` to skip rkbin, fips, etc. for fast(er) development
      armbian-next: squash some `warn` loggings that were undue; remove `$SUDO_USER` handling in prepare-host.sh
      armbian-next: fix all `shellcheck` `errors` in `lib/`
      armbian-next: `shellcheck` downloader/runner; only for `lib/`
      armbian-next: disable `cpufrequtils` by default; to enable set `CPUFREQUTILS_ENABLE=true` [HIGHLY CONTENTIOUS CHANGE]
      armbian-next: fixes for interactive config; change wording of stuff and sort the list of boards in "expert" mode
      armbian-next: `docker`: fix when using `buildx`, always pass `--load` so produced image is actually available to Docker proper
      armbian-next: a few fixes (shortcircuits...) and enhancements for the GUI building; thanks NicoD
      armbian-next: introduce `SKIP_ARMBIAN_ROOTFS_CACHE` which is `=yes` by default
      armbian-next: introduce internal base tmp dir; check it early for sanity ref `noexec` and `nodev` mount options
      armbian-next: Python patching delusion, pt1 & pt2 & pt3
      armbian-next: introduce ORAS-based kernel git bare tree seeding/bundles
      armbian-next: Python patching delusion, pt4: series & better markdown
      armbian-next: Python patching delusion pt 5 + EXTRAWIFI patch generator/harness + consistent patch mtime targets
      armbian-next: make sure at least one board config file is sourced, otherwise misspell `BOARD=` is hard to find
      armbian-next: `docker`: don't try to double init when recovering from failed pull
      armbian-next: bring `find_toolchain()` back from the dead; force `SKIP_EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAINS=no` to force use external toolchains
      armbian-next: fix `sunxi`/`sunxi64` using wrong KERNELPATCHDIR and incurring in old symlinks
      armbian-next: Revert "Fix issues 4589 (#4614)" (installing HEADERS dependencies manually)
      armbian-next: remove spurious `output.log` redirections in downloads.sh; `warn` that `download_and_verify()` is unhandled in armbian-next
      armbian-next: `git worktree`: forcefully fix the worktree's reference to the bare repo, and vice-versa
      armbian-next: ignore git errors due to missing 'origin' remote and/or revisions of `${SRC}/.git` during main-config
      armbian-next: git: setup the `worktree` first before trying to ensure safe
      armbian-next: drop old code for patching & fasthash
      armbian-next: better logging for `jethub`'s tweaks
      armbian-next: **regen library** after some 13 squashes (and repo.sh removal)
      armbian-next: aggregation: fix `PACKAGE_LIST_BOARD_REMOVE`/`PACKAGE_LIST_FAMILY_REMOVE`; also remove pkgs from DESKTOP aggregation
      armbian-next: `exec` into `sudo` when relaunching (AR-1452)
      armbian-next: validate cmdline params against malformed
      armbian-next: `reset_uid_owner` for the markdown log file too
      armbian-next: remove `@TODO` for stuff already done
      armbian-next: `git`: use `--recurse-submodules=no` for fetch; `fetch_from_repo()` handles submodules separately
      armbian-next: refactor  `losetup -d ...` into `free_loop_device_insistent()` which retries 10 times
      armbian-next: `git`: mark submodule's dirs as safe before recursive `fetch_from_repo()`
      armbian-next: Python patching: pass `$HOME`/`$PATH` to Python, so git can find `.gitconfig` and Python can find `git`
      armbian-next: add (trap) cleanup handler to reset `./tmp` and `./output` to original pre-sudo UID before exiting, even with failure/abort
      armbian-next: `json-info`: do not replace ${SRC}
      armbian-next: fix: only aggregate packages if building images (AR-1471)
      armbian-next: only put `systemd-resolved`'s symlink in place if _not_ using NetworkManager
      armbian-next: Python tools (aggregation/patching): use separate pycache dir in ./cache; use unbuffered stdout/stderr
      armbian-next: tune logging in multiple places, there was a lot of redundant/un-needed info's
      armbian-next: better logging in `distro-agnostic.sh`
      armbian-next: remove very old extlinux killswitch
      armbian-next: happy new year, bump Igor's copyright
      armbian-next: `grub`: make `/usr/share/desktop-base/grub_background.sh` executable, otherwise does nothing
      armbian-next: `drivers-harness`: remove commit-date, do proper logging & escaping for git add/commit/format-patch
      armbian-next: `drivers-harness`: include the revert-IPX patch as a "driver" before all others
      armbian-next: `mvebu.conf::family_tweaks()`: small armbian-next'ify for better logging
      armbian-next: clearfog/cubox/odroidxu4: patching Makefile `armv5` to `armv7-a` so uboot compiles with modern gcc
      armbian-next: `rockchip-rk3588` `edge` bump & armbian-next'ify
      armbian-next: remove spurious debug logging with no useful info "Error-related files found"
      WiP: try for working armhf kernel-headers. leading nowhere. move to kernel-source / make modules_prepare later.
      WiP: kernel-headers via full source + `make modules_prepare` for 4.19 kernels. EXPERIMENTAL
      armbian-next: move compilation vars (chtreads, ccache stuff) from config to compile
      armbian-next: move var `HOSTRELEASE` from config to `prepare_host()`
      armbian-next: delete old aggregation code from config
      armbian-next: call hook `post_aggregate_packages()` only after actually aggregating
      armbian-next: avoid `linux-version` during configuration; `declare -g` instead of `export`
      armbian-next: config: reduce bash scope & remove some vars un-needed outside of config
      armbian-next: `cli`: `config-dump`: can now run on any bash/coreutils-enabled machine; remove some useless vars from dump
      armbian-next: `cli`: `json-info`: make errors clearer; don't include logs on success; small fixes
      armbian-next: `drivers-harness`: pass HOME/PATH explicitly to git commit/format-patch
      armbian-next: `drivers-harness`: make sure cached patch is valid; write it first to tmp file; redirect inside subshell
      armbian-next: split of `config-prepare` into multiple functions, allowing for logging of all non-interactive sections
      armbian-next: [focal-host] try to support `focal`-like host OS's again, via `python3.9` (and drop `buster` completely)
      armbian-next: [focal-host] try to support `focal`-like host OS's again, by avoiding git's `--no-auto-maintenance`
      armbian-next: [focal-host] remove usages of `declare -I`, not supported under focal's `bash`
      armbian-next: [focal-host] run `pip3` under the `python3_binary_path` (so coerce it to use 3.9 under focal)
      armbian-next: [focal-host] don't use git format-patch's `--no-encode-email-headers` which is not supported on focal's git
      armbian-next: [focal-host] don't use git's `--initial-branch` which is not supported on focal's git
      armbian-next: move aggregation to after prepare_host(), and thus out of config, and with correct Python deps
      armbian-next: patching: to-git: don't fail if  is_autogen_dir; only change Subject if not rewriting in place
      armbian-next: patching: add sanity checks for magic markers matching mbox len & patch_contents not containing magic markers
      armbian-next: patching: go through parsing & splitting all patches before stopping if there are critical errors
      armbian-next: copy modified config + defconfig back from where it came from when `KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes`
      armbian-next: uefi-common: `declare -g`, not `export`
      armbian-next: patching: don't gag if empty hexsha / no archeology possible
      armbian-next: patching: patches-to-git: don't eat newline between subject and message
      armbian-next: patching: grouping tryout, very basic by-dir: `SPLIT_PATCHES=yes`
      armbian-next: patching:  use `--zero-commit` instead of find/replace for rewrite
      armbian-next: further split of `config-prepare()` and `do_main_configuration()` into `do_extra_configuration()` - fixes interactive desktop
      armbian-next: `SYNC_CLOCK`: don't attempt if `ntpd` is running; don't fail if `ntpdate` fails for any reason
      armbian-next: rootfs: don't stop if `df -h` fails
      armbian-next: `drivers-harness`: force `-c commit.gpgsign=false` during `git commit`
      Docs: slides
      Docs: slides (updated 28/Dec/2022)
      Docs: slides (updated 11/Jan/2023)
      armbian-next: `CLEAN_LEVEL=make-kernel` now does `git clean -xfd` instead, faster and 100% clean
      armbian-next: better logging for early apt installs during `prepare_host_basic()`
      armbian-oleg: handle error during host deps installation (Oleg has a mangled sources.list?)
      armbian-oleg: introduce `DOCKER_SIMULATE_CLEAN=yes` so I can pretend to be Oleg, but using Docker
      armbian-oleg: split hostdeps again, full of ifs, and reduce the minimum set of pkgs for Oleg-conditions while trying to keep Docker full
      armbian-next: `apt-cacher-ng` is now optional and activated via `MANAGE_ACNG=yes`; drop `NO_APT_CACHER`
      armbian-next: remove old template Dockerfile, -next does not use this at all
      armbian-oleg: `junk`: drastically reduce host-side dependencies / "remove junk"
      armbian-next: curb down wget logging for ORAS tooling download
      armbian-next: curb down `git fetch` logging; be verbose if user on terminal & not logging
      armbian-next: curb `aria2c`'s complaining a bit
      armbian-next: curb `free_loop_device_retried()`'s logging on first try
      armbian-next: long overdue split of `logging.sh`
      armbian-oleg: logging: new logfile format; `SHOW_LOG=yes` default; introduce `DEBUG=yes`
      armbian-next: fix quoting of retry var (cosmetic)
      armbian-oleg: better logs; only include non-empty .log files
      armbian-oleg: curb `apt-get`'s logging with `-q` / `-qq`
      armbian-oleg: curb Python launcher logs
      armbian-oleg: curb `rsync` logging during bsp
      armbian-oleg: drastically curb `update-initramfs` logging, unless SHOW_DEBUG=yes
      armbian-oleg: drastically curb `boot_logo()` logging
      armbian-oleg: drastically curb `apt-get` logging when running in chroot
      armbian-oleg: make `chroot_sdcard_apt_get_install_dry_run()` logging more useful by filtering the noise out
      armbian-oleg: if commands fail, write to log in bright red
      armbian-next: split `compilation/debs.sh`; `compile_xilinx_bootgen()` moved to family
      armbian-oleg: curb logging from building `armbian-firmware`
      armbian-oleg: curb logging from building `armbian-plymouth-theme`; do it in a logging section, like the others
      armbian-next: logging: reinit logging after processing cmdline parameters
      armbian-next: cli: half-assed, legacy based, `kernel` and `u-boot` cli commands
      armbian-next: `odroidxu4` vs kernel: move firmware hack to family using extension hook
      armbian-oleg: logging: drastically curb / make more useful kernel packaging logging
      armbian-oleg: logging: disable debugging (set -x) of generated postinst/etc kernel scripts (board-side, but also chroot logging)
      armbian-next: kernel: deterministic `.config` mtime handling; kernel build logging sections reorg
      armbian-next: remove `REPO_STORAGE` and `REPO_CONFIG` -- unused
      armbian-next: consider "Provided" installed packages when determining what is missing from host-side dependencies
      armbian-next: completely remove `acl` (which provided `getfacl`) and it's usages (basic deps)
      armbian-next: don't copy the host's `keyrings` to image
      armbian-next: Python tooling: use consolidated+hashed+cached pip base/pycache; don't pip during Dockerfile build, nor cli-requirements
      armbian-next: add core extension `c-plus-plus-compiler` which hostdeps on `g++-aarch64-linux-gnu` and enable it in JetHub family
      armbian-next: core extensions for `xfs` / `f2fs` / `brtfs` / `LUKS/cryptroot` hostdeps; enable in main-config
      armbian-next: Docker: abstract away and only run "docker info" once, it's very expensive
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: bunch'o'fixes, introduce `disable_systemd_service_sdcard()` to stop repeating incantantion
      armbian-next: don't warn about using extlinux
      armbian-next: a bunch of checks for Darwin; use brew's GNU coreutils first in PATH, so we get the correct utils; give instructions
      armbian-next: better logging for `kernel_prepare_bare_repo_from_oras_gitball()`; remove dead code
      armbian-next: fix re-launching of CLI commands under sudo (Docker was ok)
      armbian-next: `patching`: don't complain about missing files when the patch parsed OK and file was actually deleted
      armbian-next: `patching`: don't rewrite empty desc as "None"
      armbian-next: `patching`: remove quotes from author name during parsing
      armbian-next: `patching`: avoid mangling valid utf-8 from mbox'es
      armbian-next: `patching`: parse renamed source files, don't swallow them during rewrite
      armbian-next: optimize `config_source_board_file()`, now 600x faster by not reusing (slow) code from interactive
      armbian-next: optimize for `CONFIG_DEFS_ONLY=yes`, skipping stacktraces/git info
      armbian-next: introduce `POOR_MAN_PROFILER=yes` (under `ANSI_COLOR=none`)
      armbian-next: `docker`: fix Dockerfile output indentation & warning msgs about generation
      armbian-next: make sure temporary `kernel` and `u-boot` CLI commands always build a kernel/u-boot even if cached
      armbian-next: debug note about fstab with tmpfs in chroot
      armbian-next: mark Vagrant CLI as unimplemented
      armbian-next: `docker`: use dash-lines before/after launching docker; set `ARMBIAN_INSIDE_DOCKERFILE_BUILD=yes` when it is so
      armbian-next: `traps`: allow for cleanup handlers with arguments; unify around `run_one_cleanup_handler()`
      armbian-next: `ccache`: show more in ccache debugging
      armbian-next: make superglobals readonly (`DEST/WORKDIR/LOGDIR/SDCARD/MOUNT` and others)
      armbian-next: introduce `tmpfs-utils.sh`; put `LOGDIR` and `WORKDIR` under tmpfs; set `CCACHE_TEMPDIR` under `WORKDIR`
      armbian-next: split `prepare_host()`, fix `.tmp` reset trap
      armbian-next: do basic host checks before config if interactive, or during prepare-host if not
      armbian-next: tmpfs-utils: last-resort debugging, to stderr, of failed tmpfs unmount
      armbian-next: logging: squash nasty leaking file descriptor bug due to "tee"
      armbian-next: bring back `swig` hostdep -- needed for some u-boot's
      armbian-next: severe bug, countdown counted up
      armbian-next: kernel: cleanup bundle after patching succeeded, not after build success
      armbian-next: firmware: don't build `-full` firmware if not on CI/noninteractive and board's not going to use it
      armbian-next: `chroot_sdcard_apt_get_update()` to replace and better log `chroot_sdcard_apt_get update`
      armbian-next: extensions: rename `kernel-localmodconfig` to just `lsmod`
      armbian-next: docker: remove old code
      armbian-next: try harder to get `en_US.UTF-8` logging
      armbian-next: drop dead/duplicated code for bootsplash and mark kernel-drivers.sh (which includes bootsplash) as dead code
      armbian-next: extract `move_images_to_final_destination()` and optimize for fast-move when src/dst on same filesystem
      armbian-next: tune logging: unmounting, u-boot prep/source/install; traps; extensions
      armbian-next: don't leak `.raw` image if failure before move; show rootfs-tmpfs info
      armbian-next: `mktemp` and `tmpfs` related utility functions with automatic cleanup handlers
      armbian-next: small cleanups: squash typos / add function keyword / add types / mark dead code
      armbian-next: small cleanups: squash typos / add function keyword / add types / mark dead code
      armbian-next: add logging with size of actual built rootfs in MiB; debug tmpfs in trap & after pkgs done
      armbian-next: still fighting `tee` leaking under duress, and I think I won
      armbian-next: `compile_firmware()`:  use new temp dir helpers (saves 2Gb+ in WORKDIR), fix typos
      armbian-next: severe bug, there was no prefix-emoji for Windows
      armbian-next: allow shortcut `EXT=` to the overly-long and plural `ENABLE_EXTENSIONS=`
      armbian-next: use retries for downloading ORAS tooling
      armbian-next: aggregation.py vs create-cache.sh: better hashing, much desktop
      armbian-next: patching.py vs decent logging: better, but not there yet
      Docs: slides (not-updated 18/Jan/2022)
      armbian-next: nextify "Re-enabling support for Rpi3"
      armbian-next: still fighting `tee` leaking under duress, turns out I _hadn't_ really won
      armbian-next: still fighting `tee` leaking: now I think I won, again
      armbian-next: somewhat-better handling/logging when using Docker (don't show two logfiles to inspect)
      armbian-next: rename too-long main function to `prep_conf_main_build_single()`
      armbian-next: hopefully improved error logging; avoid logging errors up to 3x; subdued red stacktraces
      armbian-next: `patching`: less horrible patching log, pt 37
      armbian-next: fix missing `BOARD_TYPE`
      armbian-next: `git`: show "fetch completed" info, lest user thinks fetch is hanging while checking out
      armbian-next: `patching`: less horrible patching log, pt 38: downgrade utf-8 mbox to log warning, mark as problem
      armbian-next: fix ATF build under binutils 2.39+ via `TF_LDFLAGS=--no-warn-rwx-segment`
      armbian-next: add Debian Ports keyring hostdep to strap Debian riscv64 from ports
      armbian-next: `countdown`: split off file for countdown functions (countdown-to-abort and countdown-to-continue)
      armbian-next: `kernel`: `git`: split via-ORAS and via-Bundle tangle
      armbian-next: `kernel`: `git`: remove dead code, `GIT_PRE_FETCH_HOOK` / `checked_out_revision_mtime`
      armbian-next: replace bare `sync` invocations by introducing `wait_for_disk_sync()`; sync early at start of build
      armbian-next: adaptive shallow/full Kernel git bare git (3gb -> 300mb download)
      armbian-next: fix, don't try to get pid descendants on non-Linux (fixes Darwin cleanups)
      armbian-next: darwin: try to get rid of `.DS_Store` sneaky bastards before launching Docker
      armbian-next: back to cleaning downloaded bundles/gitballs after they've converted to bare tree & proven working
      armbian-next: git: detect, and stop, when git bare trees vs worktrees have been shuffled around and can't be recovered
      armbian-next: git: disallow forcing impossible shallow/full; warn if it's the case
      armbian-next: docker: archive logfiles again; warn & greet testers when archiving many old logfiles
      armbian-next: logging: new log file / summary nomenclature
      armbian-next: bsp: use `prepare_temp_dir_in_workdir_and_schedule_cleanup()`; bring back `PACKAGES_SEARCH_ROOT_ABSOLUTE_DIRS`
      armbian-next: firmware-deb.sh: prefix temp dir so it's "deb-firmware"
      armbian-next: extensions: move 'extensions.sh' into library; replace manual source with init function
      armbian-next: fix ANSI logs, use reset at strategic places
      armbian-next: `docker`: don't bomb if stdin is not a terminal (eg, in CI)
      armbian-next: `docker`: pass `CI` env down to Docker (for GHA etc)
      armbian-next: python/pip: solve crazy with `/usr/bin/pip3` by not using it (instead, `python3 -m pip`); don't mask errors
      armbian-next: `docker`: warn & countdown if we can't write to `cache/docker`; continue by using `.tmp/docker` if not aborted.
      armbian-next: countdown: if to test `-t 0` (0: stdin, 1:stdout) for interactive-ness; also test in if-not-aborted version
      armbian-next: interactive: info msg before (slow) gathering of all boards
      armbian-next: logging: (very, very early beta) for uploading/sharing of ANSI log file online
      armbian-next: kernel/logging: stop lying about LD/AR/INSTALL/SIGN/XZ make output
      armbian-next: patching: accept b4's magic marker `git@z Thu Jan  1 00:00:00 1970` for mbox validations
      armbian-next: mark `remove_all_trap_handlers()` deprecated, it never did anything
      armbian-next: downloads.sh: some cleanup and add debugging to `get_urls()`
      armbian-next: `logging`: validate where not already in a logging section when trying to start a new one
      armbian-next: `apt`: expand local caching to include package lists, as well as .deb's
      armbian-next: `main`: split `default-build` into `build-packages`, `start-end`
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: split `create-cache` into `rootfs-create`
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: new CLI command for rootfs cache building; further refactorings
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: adapt to new reality after huge refactor
      armbian-next: `aggregation`: dont' require or consider `BOARD` or `LINUXFAMILY` for aggregation anymore
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: build rootfs from CLI, sans-BOARD, sans-FAMILY, etc -- rootfs are meant to be shared
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: reset UID of produced rootfs tarball; announce what is doing and what has done
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: converge `rootfs-cache` and `rootfs` together; exchange BOARD for ARCH
      armbian-next: use unified methods for tmp dir handling all around (except ATF, which is special)
      armbian-next: extensions: `nomod`: for when you really don't care about modules
      armbian-next: we don't really need target `RELEASE` defined to install host deps (for now), don't freak out about it
      armbian-next: kernel-debs: re-enable postinst debugging; fix bad builddeb port for zImage armhf (image_name == NAME_KERNEL)
      armbian-next: cleanup, kill and add to-do's, remove dead code, turn down logging, squash future shortcircuit bugs
      armbian-next: extrawifi: include `driver_uwe5622_allwinner()` in harness
      armbian-next: extrawifi: include all `patch/misc/wireless*.patch` and `patch/misc/*wifi*.patch` in drivers hash calculation
      armbian-next: kernel-debs: force `arch/arm/boot/zImage` as vmlinuz for armhf
      armbian-next: kernel-debs: squash some warnings; add `KERNEL_SRC_ARCH` to arch configs; don't warn about `NAME_KERNEL`
      armbian-next: wait_for_disk_sync(): warn only if more than 30s fsync
      armbian-next: binfmt: make sure we have all `binfmt`'s setup & enabled for `rootfs` build (v2)
      armbian-next: `docker`: don't spew errors about sharing cache if cache doesn't even exist
      armbian-next: GHA & rootfs adventures, pt 1
      armbian-next: aggregation: quick & dirty "potential paths" in Markdown
      armbian-next: cli: `kernel` cli forces `KERNEL_CONFIGURE=no`; @TODO this should only "default to", not force. for proper kernel cli, later
      armbian-next: logging: pure ASCII .log; included in Markdown for GHA
      armbian-next: docker/gha: pass down a bunch of GHA specific vars (list unconfirmed)
      armbian-next: rootfs: curb logging; GHA outputs `rootfs_cache_id_version`, `rootfs_cache_id` and `rootfs_out_filename_relative`
      armbian-next: ext: `grub-riscv64`: syncs with original version, fixes, nextify
      armbian-next: ext: `grub-sbc-media`: syncs with original version, fixes, nextify
      Docs: slides (1-slide update 25/Jan/2023)
      armbian-next: drop buildpkg code
      armbian-next: patching: rewrite: don't gag on bad "/dev/null.c" rename patches; archeology: `--find-copies-harder`; try to get GHA to run GH pages
      armbian-next: chroot_sdcard_apt_get_install_dry_run(): run again if first try fails, with more logging
      armbian-next: `docker`: passthrough of the SSH agent, via Docker magic on Darwin; enable for `docker-shell` and `kernel-patches-to-git`
      armbian-next: `docker`: include `${SRC}/.git` static via Dockerfile, for `kernel-patches-to-git` / archeology; use fast archeology
      armbian-next: all chroots: mount `/var/tmp` as tmpfs; create dir `/run/user/0` and mount as tmpfs @TODO cleanups
      armbian-next: docker: pass `ARMBIAN_ENABLE_CALL_TRACING=yes` via env, and only if `DOCKER_ARMBIAN_ENABLE_CALL_TRACING=yes`
      armbian-next: compress-checksum: move config to config-prepare; drop weight; kill warnings
      armbian-next: repeat build opts: fix missing BOARD, show both after config (for logfile) & after build
      armbian-next: bump logging archive greet to 14 files
      armbian-next: fix: kernel-git-oras: make sure `cache_git_bare_dir` exists before trying to decide which media it's on
      armbian-next: git: `fetch_from_repo()`: add fetched_revision(_ts) as well as checked_out_revision(_ts); introduce param `do_checkout=no` to only fetch, not checkout
      armbian-next: cli-build: don't show two `BOARD=` repeat option
      armbian-next: aggregate_packages out of `main_default_start_build()`; introduce `assert_requires_aggregation()`
      armbian-next: firmware-deb: reworked: Provides/Conflicts instead of Replaces; `cp` -> `git archive`; new firmware CLI; FULL version .deb out of tmpfs
      armbian-next: unify 2 methods for config: `prep_conf_main_minimal_ni()` (rootfs/firmware/kernel) and `prep_conf_main_build_single()` (full-build, possibly interactive)
      armbian-next: curb some logging for git non-checkouts
      armbian-next: prepare-host:  don't manage ACNG in prepare if not asked to
      armbian-next: docker: fix: not all `find`'s are made equal, back to `-mtime +1` (full 24-hour period needed for match)
      armbian-next: interactive: review `-t 0` instead of `-t 1`; move non-interactive `check_basic_host()` from prepare-host to config-prepare, for consistency
      armbian-next: move aggregation-had-run check to more strategic places (pre-bsp, pre-rootfs) instead of at the beginning of full_build_packages_rootfs_and_image()
      armbian-next: docker: split `docker_cli_build_dockerfile()` into `docker_cli_prepare_dockerfile()`; introduce `FAST_DOCKER`
      armbian-next: git: refactor `git_parse_ref()` out of `fetch_from_repo()` for reuse
      armbian-next: config: twist `prep_conf_main_minimal_ni()` to receive `use_board=`
      armbian-next: do-not-fix docker-asking-for-docker error by adding a "tip"
      armbian-next: cli: *do not* allow running as root on terminal; make `PREFER_DOCKER=no` actually work
      armbian-next: cli: try (and fail, probably...) to be helpful with half-working Docker installs
      WiP: artifacts: kernel - pt1:  versioning
      WiP: artifacts: kernel - pt2:  memoizing git ref2info
      WiP: artifacts: kernel - pt3: drivers+patches+.config hashing
      WiP: artifacts: kernel - pt4: squash unrelated bugs that show up; move `prepare_compilation_vars()` to default build
      WiP: artifacts: kernel - pt5: tune kernel version, refactor
      WiP: artifacts: u-boot - pt6: add artifact for u-boot
      WiP: artifacts: u-boot/kernel - pt7 - adapt legacy/artifact versions; use common `capture_rename_legacy_debs_into_artifacts()`
      armbian-next: logging: detect `TERM=alacritty` and use normal instead of gray
      armbian-next: fix: for the 1000th time had broken `KERNEL_ONLY=yes`; curb some warnings
      armbian-next: introduce `assert_prepared_host()` and assert before using any Python, to un-mask any further fallacies
      armbian-next: take a breath: config might mark aggregation required; aggregation requires prepare_host, and thus runs in default-build
      armbian-next: logging: ansi-haste sharing beta 2 (now with URL)
      armbian-next: docker: fix Dockerfile generation; don't output logs info during Dockerfile build
      armbian-next: u-boot: downgrade more errors to warnings, so we can build some legacy u-boot's
      armbian-next: cli: u-boot alias: don't stop to interactively ask for kernel configuration during u-boot build
      armbian-next: call-stack-analyze.py: detect missing function_to_file and stop properly (half-finished traces?)
      armbian-next: json-info: cleanup info/json/csv/opensearch, add logging, add some very basic instructions; add Kibana dashboards & docker-compose to bring it OS+Kibana up
      armbian-next: shellcheck: update, cleanup script, invent some new severities
      armbian-next: shellcheck: squash a bunch of 'critical' warnings
      armbian-next: shellcheck: raise the bar, stop excluding "SC2155 Declare and assign separately to avoid masking return values"
      armbian-next: squash some shellcheck warnings; don't `local` and assign subshell value in same statement, that masks errors (`declare`/`local` almost-always works)
      armbian-next: shellcheck: raise the bar, stop excluding "SC2154 is referenced but not assigned"
      armbian-next: shellcheck: squash more shellcheck warnings; some long-lost variables being used; some unset's that are better reset's, etc
      armbian-next: `docker-shell`: provide SSH and forward ssh auth socket to `docker-shell`
      armbian-next: docker: pass `CARD_DEVICE` to Docker via `--device`
      armbian-next: u-boot: mark bare repo as safe before using it (@TODO `git_ensure_safe_directory()` stuff, again)
      armbian-next: swap github in as default u-boot mirror; allow `denx` to use upstream's gitlab
      armbian-next: git ref2info: dereference annotated tags to get "real" commit SHA1; fail if curl failed; validate parse_makefile_version()
      armbian-next: hash/cache: remove some cruft, some better logging
      armbian-next: docker: pass down git info via env var, since Docker doesn't get `${SRC}/.git`, yet we need that info in the Docker logs
      armbian-next: u-boot: fix: check gcc version before trying to downgrade certain errors to warnings
      [kinetic] un-symlink `cli`/`main` `kinetic`->`jammy` packages; add `systemd-resolved` which was split off from main `systemd` package in Kinetic
      `risc-v`/`starfive`: new `starfive` family with their (vendor) kernel
      `risc-v`/`starfive`: use mainline kernel 6.1.y, with StarFive's rebased patches against `v6.1.5`
      `risc-v`/`starfive`: `CONFIG_MOTORCOMM_PHY=m` for the onboard Ethernet
      `odroidc2`: u-boot: use minimal patchset for v22.01 u-boot
      `meson64`: edge/6.2: spi-nor: add support for XT25Q64 in addition to XT25F128B
      `meson64`: edge/6.2: bump to `6.2-rc5`
      `meson64`: edge/6.2: rebase onto `v6.2-rc5`
      `odroidm1`: enable working userland `fw_setenv`, so users can go back to Petitboot & otherwise tweak u-boot env from Armbian
      `odroidm1`: bump to 6.2-rc3; look ma, no patches.
      `media`: fixes for bad mbox/unneeded patches `media-edge` and `media-current` - thanks to @schwar3kat
      `sunxi/sunxi64`: disable some sunxi/sunxi64 "readme" patches that contain other patches -- for discussion
      `rk322x-box`: fix relative path reference to .bin in patch (a-n changed u-boot path on disk) - for @paolosabatino
      `rockchip64`: current/5.15: remove IPX revert patch that's already in drivers now
      `rockchip64`: current/5.15: fix bad unidiff/lack of mbox of wifi-hf-lps170-bl602.patch & makefile
      odroidm1: edge: bump to `6.2-rc5`
      `sun50iw9`: half-fixes to get going under armbian-next (@TODO needs review/nextify/confirm busybox is not needed)
      WiP: bump edge to `v6.2-rc6` for UEFI / meson64 / rk3568-odroid  / rockchip-rk3588
      `meson64`: edge/6.2: arm64: dts: amlogic: meson-sm1-odroid-hc4: fix active fan thermal trip
      WiP: `odroidhc4`: u-boot to 23.01; add HC4-SPI target preboot for USB; change HC4-SD target defconfig to new `hc4_sd`, similar to `c4`
      Revert "Add some Wireless modules to RK3588 legacy kernel (#4759)"
      Docs: slides (2-slide update 01/Feb/2023)

Igor <igor@armbian.com> (2):
      armbian-next: cli: add CLI alias command `rootfs-cache` for creating rootfs cache
      armbian-next: rootfs: introduce `ROOTFS_COMPRESSION_RATIO`, default 5 for general use, default 15 for `rootfs` CLI; fix pv | tar bug; remove GPG signing

Lane Jennison <lane@lane-fu.com> (1):
      armbian-next: fix old fuction name refrence cleaning to general_cleaning

Richard Neese <r.neese@gmail.com> (1):
      `risc-v`/`starfive`: switch from `grub` to `extlinux`

Tony <tonymckahan@gmail.com> (1):
      armbian-next: officially support WSL2; pester user for UTF-8 terminal

amazingfate <liujianfeng1994@gmail.com> (1):
      `rockchip64`: update bl31 and ddr blobs of rk3568 [cherry-pick]


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This week's shortlog. Really short, this time, since most of the artifacts stuff isn't included yet.


Ricardo Pardini <ricardo@pardini.net> (19):
      armbian-next: tmpfs: use `size=99%` for all tmpfs's; (rootfs/WORKDIR/chroot); thanks Igor for suggestion
      armbian-next: armbian-kernel: default .config options set for all kernels
      armbian-next: git: backport `safe.directory` method from master (just add `*`, once) -- thanks Igor
      armbian-next: logging: introduce `SHARE_LOG=yes` to auto-curl the logs to paste
      armbian-next: logging: introduce `RAW_LOG=yes` to export .tar with raw unprocessed logs (for development)
      armbian-next: tooling: include ORAS tools in Dockerfile; use them if available instead of downloading
      armbian-next: tooling: introduce helper/downloader for shellcheck; include in Dockerfile
      armbian-next: rootfs: include hash of rootfs bash code in the `packages_hash`/`rootfs_cache_id`
      armbian-next: debs: introduce `shellcheck` for `DEBIAN/postinst` and others, before dpkg build
      armbian-next: python/pip: include pip pkgs in Dockerfile; use them if available instead of downloading
      armbian-next: rootfs: fix: too many bash files included in rootfs `B` hash, reduce to only what is used to produce rootfs tarball
      armbian-next: qemu-uboot-xxx: bump to 23.01; use GitHub source for u-boot
      armbian-next: binfmts: suppress error message when trying to emulate armhf on arm64
      armbian-next: git/ref2info: fixes for using `commit:<sha1>`
      armbian-next: kernel: pkg: dtb: show 2 levels of dtbs in tree
      armbian-next: bsp-cli: fix shellcheck warning
      armbian-next: armbian-kernel: force `CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO=n` and `DEBUG_INFO=n`
      Docs: slides (consolidated, 08/Feb/2023)
      ------------------------ armbian-next END marker -----------------------------

Kreyren <kreyren@fsfe.org> (3):
      boards/README: Document SKIP_ARMBIAN_REPO
      `bookworm`: has new/separate repos for non-free-firmware  (#4801) [cherry-pick]
      distro-agnostic: `dropbear-initramfs`: make sure directory exists

SteeManMI <barrylind@yahoo.com> (1):
      `meson64`: `current`: Enable MGLRU on meson64-current [cherry-pick]

amazingfate <liujianfeng1994@gmail.com> (1):
      `rockchip64`: update bl31 and ddr blobs of rk3568 [cherry-pick]


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