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orange pi 5 boost up issue


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hi, I am a newbie using the orange pi 5 board, or any kind like this. 


I have a boost-up issue, I connect to the power supply and only red light is on (on the board) but when connect the display by HDMI-HDMI or HDMI-typeC, nothing I can see. 

I am not sure my new board is functioning or not, the problem is, the requirement says this needs 5V4A, but for some reason, my new power supply shipping will come later, so I use 5V2A for test currently, and I am not sure 2A will be able to boost up the board, or at least I can see the startup screen. 

I will get my 5V4A power next week, but the reason why I want to try with 2A now is because I want to know if my board is functioning or not, otherwise, I need to return to the retail store and replace a new one. 

so can anyone tell if 5V2A can boost the board, or if my board is just not functioning? 


any other way to work around, maybe, can I connect this with an iPad power adapter? the iPad adaper spec says it outputs 5V3A or 9V2.22A, isn't it about the PD standard? And I did read the orange pi 5 user manual, and it say that the board has no PD support, so can I still use the iPad adaptor to power it, or it will damage the board? 


Thank for help when you answer it. 

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What steps did you take? Do you have an sd-card with an OS installed? What image did you install?
You should be able to boot the board with a 2A 5V PSU. It doesn't consume much with nothing connected.
The board does not support PD power, but you can use a PD PSU. It will not negotiate to go to higher voltages.

Steps to take :
1. Download image : https://www.armbian.com/orangepi-5/

2. Write onto sd-card with any image writer. On Linux I use gnome-disks. On Windows I use win32diskimager. Most people use balena etcher.
3. Put sd-card in the sd-reader of the board
4. Connect HDMI, keyboard and mouse, network cable and then connect USB-C power to the correct USB-C port(The one in the corner)

That should boot the board and show the Armbian initial setup where you need to set a root password, username and user password...

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