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Kernel panic on Amlogic S905X TV Box.


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Hello, I have installed the armbian bookworm version with xfce on it, 6.1.30 kernel on my 32gb usb flash drive using balena etcher according to the instruction, I have tweaked the boot.cmd file, and only tweaked the video settings and regenerated using the mkimage command, Using linux to setup. and when I tried booting on the tv, everything worked till bam it kernel panics and starts flashing the red status leds on my android box. The kernel panic error is not syncing asynchronous SError interrupt, I cannot get anymore logs because I dont have any loggers, There is an uart port on my tv's motherboard but i dont have an usb to ttl device.

Keep in mind, i cannot use sd cards because my box is so cheap it doesnt even have an sd card slot, but it boots into u-boot with the usb stick, the only thing i done after flashing the usb stick was resizing the root partition to maximum size with gparted.

By the way, if i need to retrieve any data, my android tv box is also rooted meaning i can fetch some files from android itself using sftp ssh or terminal emulator

I have an S905L2 variant of Amlogic S905X series and used the u-boot-s905x-s912. Also the tv is 1gb and has an power adapter thats 12 volts 1 amp, if that might be related to the error

My extlinux configuration file

LABEL Armbian
LINUX /Image
INITRD /uInitrd
FDT /dtb/amlogic/meson-gxl-s905x-p212.dtb

  append root=UUID=81afe1e2-4cdc-499c-a1f4-e4f1c7c42a08 rootflags=data=writeback rw fsck.fix=yes fsck.repair=yes net.ifnames=0


I am a new user, I am sorry If i am an inconvinience.

Cannot find other tags, because there is no tv box or amlogic tag

Feel free to ask if you need additional information from me.

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Forgot to mention that my android tv box is also rooted.
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if you aren't sure you have the right DTB for the box, then it's just guessing as to why it's KP'ing

you'll likely need to hookup usb ttl adapter and see what's happening on the serial console

you may also want to put "ignore_loglevel" into your kernel command line options in extlinux.conf to get more output of what's going on


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@Lavacat - that sounds like the x7(5G) box i have here ... the 12v power supply seems to work, but i'm not sure how healthy it is over time - it might be better to get a 5v/2a as usual if easily possible ... also do not expect the audio of the box to work well with linux as it seems to be somewhat broken as well for those boxes


the s905l2 is - as far as i found out - a s905w with parts of the gpu disabled and if that is not taken care of the kernel will panic at boot - this was my ugly hack to make it work: https://github.com/hexdump0815/linux-mainline-and-mali-generic-stable-kernel/blob/master/misc.av8/dtb/meson-gxl-s905l2-x7-5g.dts not sure if @SteeMan might want to add something like this to his armbian builds as well?


best wishes and good luck - hexdump

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Since I don't have an s905l2 box, I'm not really in a position to integrate/test changes for such a box.  If someone want to submit a PR that can test, I'd be happy to get it integrated.


@Lavacat  Note that your last post wasn't approved, because the site you mention is a fork of armbian that uses the Armbian name without permission and they do not contribute to the forums nor to armbian development.

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