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How do I begin creating an image for my device?

Alexander Carlsson
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Hello. I want to create an image for this Board: Allwinner R528-S3.  You can find info about it here

From the docs: 
It integrates the high-performance dual-core Cortex-A7 and single-core HiFi4 DSP 128 MB DDR3
CPU Architecture  Dual-core ARM Cortex-A7  32 KB L1 I-cache + 32 KB L1 D-cache per core, 256 KB L2 cache

I just want to know where to start. Where do I start creating a config for this CPU and all that?

I already have some info about the device and memory and all that.

I just don't know where to start to creating a config.

So I can see it in compile.sh program.

I just want some general guidance on where to start.

I've already git cloned the https://github.com/armbian/build repo. Now I just want to create a configuration and have no idea where to start.

Is there a guide somewhere?

Thank you.

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What board is it?
If you can find a similar board, that would be a good starting point otherwise this is not a simple undertaking.  
It's not just the CPU, it's the board and integrated devices.
These must be defined in a device tree.
Each of the devices has to have an appropriate driver compiled into the kernel.

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Sorry for the confusion. 


CPU is the R528-S3

the board is the TriGorilla_Spe_A_V1.0.0

Info about it can be found here: https://klipper.discourse.group/t/printer-cfg-for-anycubic-kobra-2-plus-pro-max/11658/

I'm just wondering how the config files is generated. I can't find a makefile.

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Digging this topic out since I am working on Armbian config for very similar CPU (Allwinner T113-S3) which is supposedly compatible. I came across this thread while looking for info about R528 which, in addition to being separate CPU model, seems to be umbrella term for all T113 family CPUs (at least from the PoV of U-boot).

You can create your own board config by adding file in config/boards directory, similar to some of already existing (for example any other Allwinner based board). Since, as I already mentioned, your board's CPU should be compatible with T113-S3, you may try using DTS for a T113 based board - MangoPi MQ - by adding following records to your board's config file:


No promises it would work out of the box (I suppose your board may not have all external peripherals from MangoPi, like WiFi module, so no idea what would happen if it turns out they can't be initialized properly), but I guess it's a good starting point. Ideally you should create your own device tree for your board (looks like there is none in Linux), but using one for MangoPi could get you started somehow.

If your board does have LCD connector, your LCD will not work, I can tell you that much now. You need to create device tree patch to add specific panel you're going to use with your board to enable it for Linux. U-boot is another story, I am currently working on adding LCD support in U-boot for my board, but if you're okay with display being usable only after Linux boots, then you should be good with just adding specific panel to Linux DT.

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