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Wifi module AX210

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Hello everyone, and Happy New Year.

One question about Orange Pi 5 Plus: i have installed a wifi module (supported than what the official Orange documentation reports) AX210NGW in my Orange Pi 5 Plus main board with Operating System: Armbian 23.11.1 bookworm and Kernel: Linux 5.10.160-legacy-rk35xx.

I copied in /lib/firmware the firmware of the module (https://intel.ly/3S0QZrA).
if from the terminal I run: lspci
I see the device but in "Armbian-config" in hardware section don't see the wifi module, and I can't activate the module to surf the Internet or the local network in wifi.

The question is: am I forgetting any steps to setup the wifi module correctly?

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Hello @Werner thanks for your suggestion.

I have enabled (via armbian-config) the orangepi-5-ap6275p module (listed), see attached image (orangepi-5-ap6275p.jpg)

I restarted the pi5plus board, but the wifi still isn't working.
The wifi module is visible with lspci (see attached imagem - lspci.jpg)

The Manage wireless networking section (on armbian-config) only displays the two Ethernet network cards, as the network cables have been disconnected. (see attached image wired_connection.jpg).

Important some question: you suggested

"Try rk3588-wifi-ap6275p.dts or rk3588-wifi-pcie.dts from here:


1) OK, but Where should I copy the two files (rk3588-wifi-ap6275p.dts or rk3588-wifi-pcie.dts) you suggested?

2)  Will I see the copied items in the list under the 'Toggle hardware configuration' section in armbian-config?

3) Do I need to enable both items  (rk3588-wifi-ap6275p.dts or rk3588-wifi-pcie.dts)?







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Thank you @Werner,  but I have read the documentation on overlays and do not have enough experience to make the changes myself.

I also don't know how to create the dtbo file to put in the /boot/overlay/ folder.
Anyway, thanks for the help.

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Please help me with the exact same problem with the exact same board, distro, and wifi card. I am very inexperienced with Linux and am having the same problem. Tried installing the firmware manually, tried running apt install armbian-full-firmware, and it ran through the whole rigamarole, but I'm still having trouble. Wifi module isn't in armbian-config, but it is in device list, wifi options are in the GUI, but doesn't find any networks.


usr/lib/firmware/iwlwifi-ty-a0-gf-a0.pnvm DOES exist but I don't know how to delete it. 


Dmesg results in image




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Thank you Royk! I've been learning a lot of commands--googled for an hour and couldn't find that remove command. I'll try it and update after. 


*Update* tried it and still getting wifi unavailable.

Bizarrely, the Bluetooth is working fine. Smh.


*Update 2* I threw the kitchen sink at it so I don't know which solution posted here finally worked, but after trying everything--i put the wifi into airplane mode then turned airplane mode off and the module activated!


Signal strength is only 3 bars right next to my router though. I've turned power management off. Any easy way in armbian to give the card maximum voltage?

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