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I did an OS update and now I cant see any Ethernet devices - they have all disappeared

Quacken Audio

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I am currently on Armbian 22.05.0-trunk with bleeding edge Linux 6.1.11-rockchip64 according to the main boot page in terminal

I was in the process of converting an elegoo neptune 4 into a non-neptune version of klipper
followed a guide that used a script
was on the last step which was to do a system update...and upon reboot, I have no ethernet devices

all I see is loopback
what do I do to get my hardware ethernet interfaces back?

this device does not have a removable SD card, but it does have a serial port...
so everything must be done thru command line







armbian monoitor.txt

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from armbianmonitor logs


This is not a board that we support. Either you have patched the build framework yourself to build for this board, or you are using some third party provided image. This is important because that means we never had any patches to support this board and that is why you are having issues after upgrade. Whoever build the image needed to specify SKIP_ARMBIAN_REPO=yes to make sure that kernel won't get upgraded from Armbian repo. As we never supported this board and never had any patches for this, its pretty much common sense that upgrading kernel from our repo will break functionality


Ask where you got the image from. We can't provide support for the board that we never supported.

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