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Enter the Matrix!

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You want to join Armbian chat rooms, but hate Discord and would prefer something more modern than IRC?


We got you! Join the closed beta of our own Matrix chat!

With this test we want to get an idea about the public interest in this and also check the load on infra this generates so we can scale accordingly.


Available (and bridged to IRC and Discord) channels:



More channels will be added on demand.


While the announcements channels is open and join-able for everyone already, for the latter an invitation is necessary.

To get one simply ping @lanefu or me in this topic or via private message or via chat... doesn't matter :)

Or simply use Matrix directly: https://matrix.to/#/@werner:matrix.armbian.com

Once in feel free to invite other by yourself.


Registering accounts is not possible at this time. However we may grant such to our contributors on request.




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