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(Not Armbian) OrangePi ZeroPlus H5 I2C


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By default, I2C buses are not enabled in the main DT, except for the s_i2c .

To enable other i2C buses, you need to add overlays in the /boot/armbianEnv.txt

overlays=i2c0 i2c1 i2c2

Then, reboot. After you will have 4 buses in /dev/i2c-*.

You can then scan the buses with "i2cdetect -y n", where "n" is the bus number.


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before i installed libi2c-dev, i2c-tools, python-smbus

anyway i tried add overlays but it's not work and the message is Could not open file '/dev/i2c-0' or '/dev/i2c/0': NO such file or directory 
i can't see i2cbuses

what should i do? 

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BSD is not using DeviceTree DT, it is using FEX/BIN.

So, you will need to use bin2fex to decompile script.bin (after having done a backup first), edit the the resulting script.fex to enable I2C buses, and recompile using the fex2bin into script.bin.


But be aware that people on Armbian forum isn't inclined to give much support of builds that are not from Armbian, we consider BSD as crappy builds !


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15 hours ago, moonki123 said:

now i'm using Ubuntu16.04 OS download in Orangepi Site


The OS images you can download there are based on Allwinner's 3.10.65 BSP kernel (not BSD, that's something different). I wouldn't expect that anything exceeding basic functionality works there (on OPi PC 2 for example still no voltage regulation functioning with this BSP kernel since the guy doing all the work seems not to be able to figure out how).


In case you want to explore this stuff, take released schematics, get familiar with dtc (device-tree-compiler) and kernel configs and check what had to be done to get Pine64 BSD kernel ready for such stuff one year ago (it's the same kernel) eg. Martin's pull requests here: https://github.com/longsleep/linux-pine64/pull/17

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