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  1. Every commands added in /etc/rc.local need an ampersand '&' at the end, otherwise it will never reach the last line 'exit 0'.
  2. I don't see why behaviour is different. Provide more details, show the script, and how did you place it in startup (/etc/rc.local ?)
  3. Anyway, this patch doesn't seems to take care of BT-WAKE-AP and AP-WAKE-BT.
  4. Is the symlink missing ?
  5. I've use the USB Host by simply connecting a USB connector to header pins, and it is working perfectly without any software settings, our DTS has everything needed.
  6. That is a good question ! I've never played with Bluetooth ... Maybe we need to compare what has been done in the Legacy FEX for those GPIOA7 and GPIOA8, probably some interrupts defines.
  7. You didn't mention which board you are using ... This is important, since some boards, such OPiWin or OPiZeroPlus, are using UART1 nor UART3. Also, the AP6212 has BT-WAKE-AP and AP-WAKE-BT pins that maybe need to be added in DT.
  8. You can try adding a big swap file.
  9. Yes, unless you shrink the partition directly on the source media ...
  10. Using "truncate" with the "endsect" number shown by fdisk after gparted shrinking. Here is the sequence : sudo modprobe loop sudo losetup -f sudo losetup /dev/loop0 myimage.img sudo partprobe /dev/loop0 sudo gparted /dev/loop0 sudo losetup -d /dev/loop0 fdisk -l myimage.img sudo truncate --size=$[(endsect+1)*512] myimage.img
  11. It is a OpenWRT distribution, and they have several images, there is one for OPiZero here :
  12. I've 4 OPiPC+, all installed with 4.11.5 on eMMC, and WiFi is simply working fine.
  13. You will need to ask that to Raspberry forum, because here, in the Armbian forum, there is NO support for Raspberries.
  14. I really don't know, but yes, I think those rockchip are probably faster, but I don't own any ...