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  1. Enabling usb otg on banana pi m1 A20

    Looking at both schematics and DTS of BananaPro-A20 and A20-OLIMEX-MICRO, (I've some Olimex myself and I know OTG is working on them), it seems probable that BananaPro-A20 is only missing things are the following in Mainline DTS : &reg_usb0_vbus { status = "okay"; }; &usb_otg { dr_mode = "host"; status = "okay"; };
  2. I finally mapped the GPIO on the OPZ+2 (H3)

    Pins 11 and 13 are not so strange, they are PL0/PL1 which provide S-TWI.
  3. Enabling usb otg on banana pi m1 A20

    On OPiOne and OPiLite, there was similar issue that reg_usb0_vbus was not present. I've fix that a month ago with this commit : Maybe similar patch could fix it on BananaPro ...
  4. Orange PI PC+ won't shut down

    There is no power switch on those board ! When you do "shutdown" command, it bring the kernel in idle state, but the power supply is never disconnected. I think you don't understand the above schematic ... It is describing a power switch for the fan itself : R1 should be around 10K, it is there to make sure that when GPIO17 (17 is only an example, it could be any other GPIO) is left floating the MOSFET is turned OFF. If GPIO17 is HIGH (thru R2, which can be around 1K), the Gate of the MOSFET will be HIGH, therefore it will be turned ON, providing GND to the fan, so the fan will spin. You can, for example, add commands to turn GPIO to LOW or floating as input to /etc/init.d/halt script.
  5. Hardware interrupts on pcDuino3nano

    Did you looked at this ? ... and you didn't answered to that :
  6. Orange Pi One with nrf24l01

    As I said :
  7. Orange Pi One with nrf24l01

    The RF24L01 pinout looks like : You seems to talk about CE pin, it can be hookup on any free GPIO ...
  8. Orange PI PC+ won't shut down

    Those 2 pins are not GPIO, but GND and 5V, so the fan continuously running ... If you wish to control the fan with gpio, take a look at this schematic, and add the GPIO control in shutdown scripts.
  9. Armbian for OrangePi PC2, AllWinner H5

    Not worries, since I'm using the workaround ...
  10. Orange PI PC+ won't shut down

    A Fan cannot be attached directly to GPIO, especially between 2 GPIOs ! You need some transistor/MOSFET driver and drive it in Sink mode with a single GPIO and other wire directly on PSU.
  11. Hardware interrupts on pcDuino3nano

    In my last week case, after trying to help a bit, I closed the PM thread by saying : BTW, why are you not posting this question to the forum, maybe someone help would be able to help ?
  12. Armbian for OrangePi PC2, AllWinner H5

    But our packaging script is still taking the Image.gz and copy it as /boot/vmlinuz-4.13.2-sun50iw2 instead of /boot/Image-4.13.2-sun50iw2
  13. Armbian for OrangePi PC2, AllWinner H5

    But 64bits U-boot want the uncompressed version, so that why I used the Image from build tree.
  14. Hardware interrupts on pcDuino3nano

    I couldn't complain, I've only got one last week, and none for the previous month ...
  15. Hardware interrupts on pcDuino3nano

    It is already enabled : CONFIG_UIO=m CONFIG_UIO_PDRV_GENIRQ=m So, now it up to the application to use it or not ... How did you used it in your Lubuntu experience ? Googling "linux gpio interrupt example" will help you, for example, the second link will be :