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Rpi5 Armbian bookworm w. Cinnamon

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A while ago (February '24), I downloaded and installed Armbian_23.11.3_Rpi5b_bookworm_current_6.1.68_cinnamon_desktop. It is running OK, and I only have a few issues with it.

One issue is that the vcgencmd is not working. I posted a question about it on the forum and received a reply saying that this would be solved "when possible." However, it is still not resolved. Without this command working, I cannot get the CPU temperature, so I cannot control the cooling fan.

I checked for a newer release today to see if this issue is fixed. I was shocked to see no Bookworm with Cinnamon release available. I'd like to know if it is in the works or has been dropped and will not be offered again.

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Ok, I tried to run the build on a Linux PC equipped with the Intel I5 CPU and 16 GB RAM. It failed. So I switched to another PC (Intel I7 / 16 GB RAM. It failed the same way.

On both  PCs, the error was:

[] error! [ Unsupported build system: 'virginia'  ]
[] Exiting with error 43 [ at /home/remote/build/lib/functions/logging/traps.sh:1
                exit_with_error() --> lib/functions/logging/traps.sh:1
   obtain_and_check_host_release_and_arch() --> lib/functions/host/host-release.sh:41
               check_basic_host() --> lib/functions/host/prepare-host.sh:33
    prep_conf_main_build_single() --> lib/functions/main/config-prepare.sh:16
         cli_standard_build_run() --> lib/functions/cli/cli-build.sh:22
        armbian_cli_run_command() --> lib/functions/cli/utils-cli.sh:136
                 cli_entrypoint() --> lib/functions/cli/entrypoint.sh:176
                           main() --> compile.sh:50


In desperation, I tried to run the build on RPI5. It seems that it works, but who knows how long will it take with just 8 GM RAM ...

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