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Share Screen in Raspberry Pi 5B

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Hello all,

I am using Armbian (Debian Bookworm), Gnome with Wayland. everything is working just fine. The problem is with sharing or presenting screen with OBS-Studio, Jitsi, Google meeting or other. 

If I share a tab in Chromium/Firefox with Jtisi or Google meeting, that's work, but I can't share a window or full screen. I am wondering what is the main cost of that.

This when I share full screen, it doesn't work properly, it shows like this:

Sharing screen, doesn't work as well.

This when I share tab, it's working just fine.



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I have tried sharing screen with Chromium on Wayland session and I got this:

[2:2:0707/210734.551088:ERROR:object_proxy.cc(576)] Failed to call method: org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver.GetActive: object_path= /org/freedesktop/ScreenSaver: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NotSupported: This method is not implemented
[2:15:0707/210735.038303:ERROR:ev_root_ca_metadata.cc(162)] Failed to decode OID: 0
[34:34:0707/210751.850181:ERROR:gl_surface_presentation_helper.cc(260)] GetVSyncParametersIfAvailable() failed for 1 times!
[34:34:0707/210751.851681:ERROR:gl_surface_presentation_helper.cc(260)] GetVSyncParametersIfAvailable() failed for 2 times!
[34:34:0707/210757.085650:ERROR:gl_surface_presentation_helper.cc(260)] GetVSyncParametersIfAvailable() failed for 3 times!
[2:170:0707/210803.727287:ERROR:egl_dmabuf.cc(632)] Failed to bind DMA buf framebuffer
[2:170:0707/210803.727339:ERROR:shared_screencast_stream.cc(938)] Dropping DMA-BUF modifier: 72057594037927935 and trying to renegotiate stream parameters
'loop->recurse > 0' failed at ../src/pipewire/thread-loop.c:426 pw_thread_loop_wait()
'loop->recurse > 0' failed at ../src/pipewire/thread-loop.c:426 pw_thread_loop_wait()


Then I tried that with firefox and got this:

[GFX1-]: vaapitest: ERROR
[GFX1-]: vaapitest: VA-API test failed: failed to initialise VAAPI connection.

'loop->recurse > 0' failed at ../src/pipewire/thread-loop.c:425 pw_thread_loop_wait()
'loop->recurse > 0' failed at ../src/pipewire/thread-loop.c:425 pw_thread_loop_wait()


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