Does VR Bluetooth gamepad-controller work in Armbian or Debian?

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

5 hours ago, Igor said:

There is a group on Facebook for people who use Oranges for retro gaming, rather ask there: .. or buy it and try. 

I stay away from social media. And yes I tried on Ubuntu Linux on my laptop but it didn't work- could have been a driver issue since the device wasn't recognized in the first place, but worked well on my Android phone.


So that is why I ask- someone might have had better luck. So far my Orange Pi experience hasn't been great, but I am willing to keep trying a bit more.

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More or less the same. I have a nice little project with retrorangepie and an old monitor for a bar, but I prefer die with my ideas instead of joining Facebook. Just the fact to write the word let me the impression my fingers are dirty.


I have a BT gamepad working with Retropie and I want test it with retrorangepie on OPzero and it's beautiful composite output, perfect for an RF converter perfect for the antenna plug of the old monitor.

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