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USB charger not what it seems.

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I'm powering a few Orange Pi Zeros, so I don't have any choice but to use USB for power (well, more or less). So, I spent some time searching for the right power adapter. It has to be at least 2A and only have one plug (to keep people from plugging in their phones). I thought I found the right product and purchased 20 of them.


I was having issues with not booting from the microSD card and was really lost as to why this problem kept popping up. Anyway, I thought to double check the power. I wasn't getting more than 700mA -- sometimes much less. And so, I decided to look deeper...




2017-08-12 22.29.34.jpg


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Looks quite similare to the 'noname from aliexpress' used in my powering through micro USB thread.

I get 1amp out of it but voltage drops to around 4.1V.  Unfortunately, I never posted a picture of it. 



Opened it for you to compare...  Not exactely the same...



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