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Helios4 Support



This main thread has been locked. Thanks to the Armbian team, we now have our own Kobol club (kinda sub forum) dedicated to our products (Helios64 & Helios4).

So now you are encourage to create individual threads for new issue, discuss feature, share setup, etc...

This will help to improve overall readability.


Note : Before asking a question please insure the information is not already available on Helios4 Wiki or addressed in a previous post in this forum.





Latest Build :


Check : https://dl.armbian.com/helios4/


Archived Build :


Check :  https://archive.armbian.com/helios4/archive/


Known Issues :

  • During SATA heavy load, accessing SPI NOR Flash will generate ATA errors. Temporary fix : Disable SPI NOR flash by default.
  • SDcard High Speed timing have compatibility issue with some brands. Temporary fix : Disable UHS option/support by default.




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Help Armbian team helping you!

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As announced Kobol got a dedicated place for their producs. Therefore it is no longer necessary to have one hugh thread collecting everything related to this particular board.


Now you can create new topics for each new issue/problem/question which greatly will increase readability and overall clarity.


This topic is being archived and locked.

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