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[Device specific] Solid-Run Clearfog


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I fixed this error, now it fails with hard-float/soft-float (VFP) mismatch  :angry:

Compilation with recommended buildroot failed at kernel stage.


Edit: this must be a soft-float arch device, isn't it?

Edit 3: No, it's hard-float, but u-boot requires soft-float toolchain, probably due to old u-boot version or some changes to its source.


Edit 2: Compiles OK for me with soft-float 4.9 toolchain

Ext. headers = 1, Header size = 79360 bytes Hdr-to-Img gap = 0 bytes
New image size = 0xd4b80[871296] Source image size = 0xd4b7c[871292]
====>>>> u-boot.mmc was created
sudo make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi- u-boot.mmc  74,18s user 8,78s system 96% cpu 1:25,63 total
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I didn't try kernel compilation since u-boot failure terminated script before that.

I don't think that any device is designed to use soft-float u-boot with hard-float kernel, it's either this or that.


Manual compilation is working, but it won't work in Armbian build script since you need to change "arm-linux-gnueabihf-" to "arm-linux-gnueabi-" in make parameter, and possibly compilation target and u-boot file name for packaging. Plus this patch is required.


Edit: I'm referring to this page for make targets.

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