4 issues with the upgrade.armbian.com script on cubox-i

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I had to force my way through the upgrade script working.  I haven't rebooted yet, but I'm crossing my fingers ;).


Here are the three issues:


1. cubox-i shows as "unsupported" and the script dies.  /proc/cpuinfo shows:

Hardware : Freescale i.MX6 ...

...which isn't in the list in the script.


2. The script crashes and can't handle the situation where the apt-get upgrade prompts you about configuration files.  For example, my /etc/bash.bashrc was different than the packaged version.  The script won't take input and hangs.  I see the "-y" in the script, but for some reason it doesn't seem to work right.


3. /boot/script.bin - a symlink is made to a nonexistent file.  It looks like this isn't important, but I'm not sure.  The /boot/bin directory doesn't exist.


4. "cubox-i" isn't in the selection list of "board"s.  I hardcoded it at the top and the script seems to have progressed.



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Script doesn't have support for upgrades different than Allwinner boards so it can't work.


Try manual way with help of this, install new packages from repository, remove conflicting prior to install might be necessary.



Use proper boot script - place 


to /boot/boot.cmd


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Hi Igor.


Wow, thanks for the light-speed reply! :)


Okay I'll try doing that and give you feedback.


FYI I'm upgrading from your 2.1 wheezy setup - evidently before you had debs, etc.  I'm excited to be able to do updates like a "normal" debian box!


Thanks for all your hard work.  I'll be donating soon.

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Hello Igor.


I just want to let you know that it worked :).  A few things I'd like to mention:


1. I deleted all the existing dtb files in /boot, and copied over the -cubox ones from /boot/dtb (I probably should have symlinked, but I was afraid the bootloader couldn't follow it).

2. I had to remove the hostapd package just like the script does because of the conflict, like you mentioned

3. I didn't touch the boot scripts.  /boot/uEnv.txt was very similar to what you linked me to, besides the consoleblank, vt.global_cursor_default, and loglevel settings.


Thanks again!

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