How to copy entire system and package on a new sd card

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Hi! I need some help! I want to create a clone of my existing card in new card to use it with another board (same model), how I can do this? I'm not very expert, this is my first board. Basically I need a two identical system in two identical board based on first card which have all file installed

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I use win32diskimager, read the entire disk to an .img file...and then can write it back to a similar sized card
or in linux

# dd if=/dev/sdb of=bckup.img

but remember it will make an image the entire size of the card...which is a waste..but you can reduce it down


To reduce the size of the image I then use a program on a linux machine called Pishrink that will take the .img file and reduce it to just the size of the actual data used.


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