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Build framework: Allow to skip patching when running compile.sh

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Hello there Maintainers! o/


I have found something while builiding my image and would like to ask for your opinion on that :-)


I have built a Docker build environment where things are going real smooth (After some tinkering ;-)


In order to save everyone's bandwidth (and be able to do builds while offline), I was tinkering with IGNORE_UPDATES=yes FORCE_CHECKOUT=no compile option.




That causes the build to fail, because after the first compile and its patch, a second round with these flags will cause the patch to be applied again and potentially breaking stuffs.


I'm circumventing it by moving the patch dir, by:


# Move the patch directory somewhere else
# mv ./patch/kernel/rockchip-default/ ./patch/kernel/rockchip-default.orig

# And then retry the compile op




Have a great weekend (I'm have a great one! ;-D)


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