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Orange PI 2 image


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First off, awesome job on all the Orange PI images.


I have only had chance to try the Orange PI 2 image so far


There are small issues I can find ,I don't know if their known:



I cannot set resolution at all, its stuck on some low one. Doing it with this method here will result in black screen (I tested both with 50 and 60 hz):


nano /boot/boot.cmd


# example:

# change example from
# disp.screen0_output_mode=1920x1080p60
# to
# disp.screen0_output_mode=1280x720p60

mkimage -C none -A arm -T script -d /boot/boot.cmd /boot/boot.scr



Second issue is that reboot command just makes the machine die, it does not come up again.



And finally a tiny issue with the image, the default keyboard layout has z and y flipped, which is not huge issue but maybe strange as default.






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When discussing a problem make sure to provide full logs!

Thank you for your input - it's helpful to get feedback and to realize where are the problems. All Orange images are still "prebuild / alfa" and we are working on them intensively. 


I think this method does not work with Oranges but you are setting it with the number of video mode. Check Orange pi dev hread.


It might change as well.

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