Orange Pi Zero + Max 816 Mhz

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I have a problem with my Opi z+, it is assumed that its maximum frequency is 1200 Mhz, but it does not rise from 816 Mhz.
I use a Raspberry charger, of 3000 mha.

I changed the governor to performance but it does not go up to 816 Mhz.
I use Armbian, based on ubuntu 18.04




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Current DVFS implementation and both kernels for H5 are still in development and therefore not receiving end user support. You will need to dig in on your own and find out why this was not lifted up yet. Perhaps higher frequencies can be enabled now, perhaps not. In any case, there is usually not worth to crank speed to advertised max values since you only get into overheating, throttling, lower stability ... Since support is expensive and nobody pays for it (we are developing Armbian extremely underpowered), we are forced to stay away from extreme situations. They result in unpredicted behavior and that is a support nightmare.


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