Orange Pi Lite2 - heatsink?

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Take a standard case and modify it to fit fan and have enough holes for airflow. The best way to cool it down is to suck the air our. Don't mount any heatsink at the beginning, just fan and check the temperature. If is under 80 degrees Celsius then everything is fine.







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I bought a large heatsink size 37*37*24mm and modified with my dremel. And then connect the heatsink and the soc with a pice of copper and 3M™ Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 8810.

I've learned that both the ap6255 module and the ddr ram onboard generates lots of heat.

ap6255 gets overheat under heavy load and stop working until core temperature drops under alert temperature without a proper heatsink


this brand is called "Your Cee" on aliexpress




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