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OrangePi PC - SD Corruption on shutdown


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As per the title,

I am using the 5.05 Jessie Server image on a OrangePi PC.

Every time I shut it down (shutdown -h now) when I power it back up I get errors reading the SD card and it wont boot.

I have tried 3 cards, all with the same issue, I can reboot the device with issue and a fsck is clean after every reboot.

I do not have a linux machine to scan the card after a power off, so can't check it after it fails.


Does anyone have any ideas?

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yes i suffered a lot. everything is fine good browsing speed , video playback but after reboot everything get collapsed. i suffered more than 5 times later went back to jessie compiled by jaser.so far only better working image.

 armbian jessie has problem with mounting usb hdd . keyboard issues. slow boot. and image corruption . kindly rectify .

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Does anyone have any ideas?


Nope, I did that the last weeks aprox. 100 times and it never occured. Did you realize that the 1st boot takes longer and that an automatic reboot happens? At this stage not only packages are updated, swap area is created and so on but also the rootfs is resized. If you interrupt at this stage you get a corrupted filesystem for sure.

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Yes, I have had the device up for 5+ hours with multiple reboots,

Issue only occurs on a power off.



So last try,

1. Image Card

2. Boot OPi PC

3. Wait 10 mins

4. Log in

5. Run first run wizard

6. Wait 10 mins

7. Reboot

8. Login, all works wait 10 mins

9. Reboot

10. Login, all works wait 10 mins

11. shutdown -h now

12. Turn on and card is corrupt


I have tried today:

sandisk black, 2GB speed 4

sandisk black, 8GB speed 8


I will buy and try a different brand later on

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It seems you're neither using a serial console nor a display or why do you wait 10 mins each? Anyway: you will get mmc errors on every boot (I see them even when I boot through USB/network with no SD card inserted), this is nothing to care about.


It would help a lot if you tell us exactly what's happening since 'I get errors reading the SD card and it wont boot' is some sort of a discrepancy (it will show only errors if it starts to boot).


Regarding SD cards: I wasn't aware that anyone tries to use SD cards rated less than Class 10 in 2016 since they're horribly slow for SBC usage (if your board really doesn't boot then it might be related to u-boot timeouts and some sort of a difference between hot and cold boot scenarios). And it's not about the 'speed class' but more importantly about random I/O which is not part of the speed class specification. If you buy a new card then choose one that shows good random I/O performance: http://www.jeffgeerling.com/blogs/jeff-geerling/raspberry-pi-microsd-card

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hi tkaiser i used strotium class 10 32gb card. i run armbian jessie multiple times works fast and well .rebooted many times but exactly what happened no idea  after one reboot card corrupted, same happend with another slower card which was performing well eventhough slower card.

may be some software updates are not compatible. i have no idea what went wrong .

 Kindly check

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if possible kindly post how to boot and write image on usb drive


You won't believe it! In the last 10 minutes we wrote a whole user manual just since you asked this very specific question! You'll find it here, kindly created only for you: http://www.armbian.com/documentation/


And also unbelievable: just yesterday some crazy guys invented so called search engines, I managed to find one of these: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=boot+from+usb+drive+site%3Aforum.armbian.com

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Strange indeed. I've just successfully tested OrangePiOne with Armbian_5.05 on any old crappy sdcards ( "class" 4,6,10 4G ). Cards were prepared on a linux host ( dd ), installed on OrangePiOne  and heavily used ( actually misused ) with random reboots, shutdowns, disconnecting power. Despite some (probably erroneous) error messages (mmc) the boards booted without any problems and even heavy abuse did not corrupt the sdcards.


I've noticed some other phenomena which are HW-related. Crappy power cables or crappy power supplies lead to erratic boot behaviour. Attach the serial console and run the board power cable through a voltmeter/ammeter. During a normal boot you'll notice current going up from <100mA to >200mA. I've traced all boot failures to problems with power supply. Practical jokes like powering an USB-attached disk from the USB connection yield rather strange results too ;)


By the way - use a cheap working any-old-class 4G sdcard for testing until you are satisfied with a working basic image. Create a backup image and use this as a basis for copying to a "high class zillion-G"  sdcard. Expanding is so much more fun than shrinking.

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So thought I would update,

Went and bought a new SD Card, Sansung 16GB Evo,

No more issues, not sure why the other cards have issues as they work in the C1 and RPi fine.

So end of the day the OrangePi PC is a little more picky on what card you use.


Thanks for the help :)

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