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Can't remove or umount "/run/user/$uid"

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First at all, I'm running in an unsupported Android TV, Sunvell R69 with ARMBIAN 5.67 user-built and kernel 4.14.81.


the question is, after running some exported X application launched from remote CLI, I find an entry for every launched app in the file system:

~ $ df -h 

Filesystem	Size	Used	Avail	Use%	Mounted	on 
overlaid	1.2G	20K		1.2G	1%		/run/user/1000/firefox-esr
overlaid	1.2G	20K		1.2G	1%		/run/user/1000/epyphani
overlaid	1.2G	20K		1.2G	1%		/run/user/1000/chromium
overlaid	1.2G	20K		1.2G	1%		/run/user/1000/vivaldi

I can umount all,  but all entries reappear after reboot the system without launching the apps.

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