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GPIO documentation for SBC's

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In general we seem to get a schematic with some pin labels, not always complete, and certainly inconsistent.  (Some like FriendlyElec do an amazing job, Libre Computer provides some spreadsheets, etc)


Since Armbian is as much about "making it better" as it is about "making it work", I thought a good project that a lot of people could participate in is a relatively unified GPIO reference:




I don't know that a google sheet is the best system, but it serves to illustrate my idea. 


  • Provide a consistent format so there are few questions about what on earth you're looking at
  • Try to color code for ease of grouping functions visually
  • Document all pin functions that are practical (NAND is missing from the Tritium pins because not all of the necessary NAND pins are available for use)


This will take some datasheet diving, but it should make it possible to understand the full hardware availability from the GPIO's on these boards (Tinker has a TS interface exposed, for instance, and Le Potato and C2 have SDIO)



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