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Today I gave OpenMediaVault another try  - because 2 of my "very" old NAS-Boxes (normally sitting on a cupboard) only support SMB v1 and I dont know how long my Synology DS109 will live.
Yes - I got 2 NanoPi Neo2 with NAS-Case, but for a test-ride I compiles stretch for the Cubieboard A10 (because of the SATA-Port).


While installing OpenMediaVault vis softys in armbin-config the install-script has to install the OMV Keyring.
The packages where downloaded 100% and then softys came to to line with the keyring and did break the "install-screen".
I did see any action from the Cubieboard :(
After a while I did press Ctrl-C and did reboot and tried to install again....but that doest work because the interrupted install routine before :(


After reading some websites I did give the A10 the command


and it promptes some error (seems the installtion of OMV wasnt completed) but it gave me the first solution!:
dpkg --configure -a


So I could see the A10 installing OMV and everything wnt fine.


The Keyring command seems to be like at the manual installation of OMV with debian
see at https://openmediavault.readthedocs.io/en/latest/installation/on_debian.html :

apt-get --allow-unauthenticated install openmediavault-keyring


but (my) armbian didnt like that, so I searched the web again and found
apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 7E7A6C592EF35D13 24863F0C716B980B

as command.... but armbian couldnt complete this without installing first dirmngr via

apt install dirmngr


Now I can suggest to use the following command prior to the OMV installation:
apt install dirmngr

apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 7E7A6C592EF35D13 24863F0C716B980B


You could find these keyring-fingerprints at




The installation images can be found here. The ISO image can also be used to create an USB stick you can use to boot and install openmediavault. The Debian binary/source packages used to create the installation ISO image can be found here. The ISO images are signed with:


PGP key ID: 716B980B
Fingerprint: D675 06C8 78E0 8A94 FD7E 0094 2486 3F0C 716B 980B



The package repository can be accessed via http://packages.openmediavault.org/public. The repository is signed with:


PGP key ID: 2EF35D13
Fingerprint: 0F6B CC17 C26B FADC 27F2 2100 7E7A 6C59 2EF3 5D13

PGP key ID: 716B980B
Fingerprint: D675 06C8 78E0 8A94 FD7E 0094 2486 3F0C 716B 980B


After the test-ride with the Cubieboard A10 I did a second install on a Intel D525MW Mainboard with a Atom D525 (DualCore 1.8Ghz) and 4GB of Ram.
I installed stretch to a USB-Drive first and then after some configurations OMV via the install-script from


but without the line

apt-get --allow-unauthenticated install openmediavault-keyring

because I did install the keyring before the installation :)


At the D525 saving the OMV-Setting is much more speedy... 

I dont know why saving the setting does take so long with the Cubieboard A10

( had also this long savetimes some time ago while testing with other new/faster SBCs like NanoPi/OrangePI and RPis :( )





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1 hour ago, guidol said:

After a while I did press Ctrl-C

Who told you to do that? :D // It should be more verbose install and I don't know why it isn't. 


Das OMV arbeitet einwandfrei. I just did a quick test on http://ix.io/1vPo

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yes it works fine ;)

I was to nervous after the install screen "break" after download package 194 of 194 and the keyring install doesnt did look right....


normally after download it starts with installing 1 of 194 :)


BTW: kannst Du Deutsch schreiben/reden? 

Oder ist das der Google-Translator? ;)

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