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Lichee Pi zero


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2 hours ago, Kot said:



I want to add R8723BS Wi-Fi support, so I have downloaded the latest Linux sources here and built it with default settings.

It looks like Wi-Fi is OK (LED is blinking), but there is no keyboard anymore - when I connect a USB keyboard, I have no message and I'm not able to enter any text.

HID support is enabled in menuconfig.


I suppose, I didn't enable neccessary options in menuconfig. Please help to find out the reason.


Many thanks for help!

With regards,


For Wi-Fi support https://www.acmesystems.it/dlink_wifi

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When discussing a problem make sure to provide full logs!



Can some one point me to explanation how I compile my own device tree for licheepi zero?

I use the licheepi zero board that has extra hardweare so I want to use 800x480 LCD and I need the eth0.

Still need to see how to add touchscreen driver. It uses FT5436 capacitive touch screen. If I fail with TS driver I'll write something on my own and use ATMega32U4 as a bridge between USB and I2C for TS.

LCD is working with their old images (like minmin). But I compiled newer kernel for this.


End goal is to check how it works in kiosk mode with touch screen.

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Hello everyone!


Well, I have been reading through the entire post and trying to learn and apply what I learned for the past few days. In fact, many of the replies by @TheLinuxBugand @guidolhad the answers and solutions I've been looking for. I had this Licheepi thing for over two months now and I struggled a lot to get Ethernet working. Let alone the space constrained PCB that made things very awkward for soldering/de-soldering even for a pin header, though I'm well trained and experienced in soldering/de-soldering fine pitch QFP128 chips. I didn't mind paying a few bucks more to get a PCB that is less constrained and compact like this one.


Well, I'm totally new to SBCs and Embedded Linux and I'm coming from another architecture, but I'm now getting more familiar with the build system and toolchain. I got this board because I needed it to control/interface with an ASIC that is fully supported since kernel 3.5. Of course, the communication is done over SPI bus and I have seen several implementations out there utilizing the Licheepi Zero Dock with the ASIC concerned.


For the first time ever, I was able to get Ethernet working. Thanks again for this great and helpful post. However, I still have a few questions regarding the adaptation of SPI bus, device trees and overlays support, GPIOs, interrupts, LCD, framebuffer, and adding support for FT5406 touch screen (the one attached to my LCD at the moment).


I tried the Debian image with LXDE available here: https://licheepizero.us/. It works fine with my LCD.

Another website I found for Licheepi pre-compiled images, but non of them worked for some reason:



If someone can help, I would love to hear from you!








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