Need help on GPIO power button

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Hello, everyone.

I'm planning to make a "power button" on orange pi zero using GPIO pins. I'm using kernel 4.x


Of course, some questions.


General idea is:

1) Create the overlay with correct pin number

2) Install acpid

3) It should work.



- What resistor should I use to short pin to ground ? 10K ? May other values work ? (Not sure my "scrap metal" box has exact this value)

- How does overlay file look like ? I've seen some variants on the forum, but can some one point to working code ? I'm planning to use PA06 pin, as far as I understand it's a pin 7 on OpiZero 26 pin connector.

- I'm already using overlay for I2C for I2C0 (pins 3 and 5). Do I understand correctly that introducing acpi button won't affect I2c functionality.


Thanks a lot in advance

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