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Rolf Bakker

How to netboot Armbian from u-boot

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My objective is to boot Armbian on my NanoPi Neo2 from a network server.


I've got Armbian running on the NanoPi Neo2 and u-boot recognizes the ethernet interface. Also, I have a DHCP server and TFTP server running. If I press space during start-up, I get in the U-boot environment. When I give the dhcp command in the U-boot environment, the NanoPi Neo2 get's an IP address and loads /boot/boot.scr from the network. So, the pre-requisites seem to work fine.

But then....


I just can't figure out how to start Armbian (preferrably in read only mode) from the network.


Maybe someone can tell me what needs to be done. I've got the following questions:

I've already searched on-line for countless hours, but I just don't get it.


1) I think I need to load boot.scr, initrd.img and dtb and somehow start those from the u-boot environment.

2) I think I need to tell the kernel somehow that it needs to boot from the network instead of the SD.

3) I think there is some command /switch that can be set to make Armbian read-only and prevent changes to the system

4) Which files must remain on the SD as a minimum to make netbooting Armbian from U-boot possible?




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