Nano Pi Neo Air SSH using USB connection

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I have a quesiton/problem: How can I access the Nano Pi Neo Air with current Ambian (Stretch) OS (Armbian_5.69_Nanopiair_Debian_stretch_next_4.19.13) using USB SSH?

Access to serial console is working fine, but I need SSH. How can I activate this, WLAN is no option for me due to requirements for the systems.

Thank you!


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6 hours ago, martinayotte said:

Why ?

Did you search for "g_ether" ?

WLAN has to be disabled according to my requirements, this is not my decision. I selected the NanoPi Neo Air because it was very thin and small. I did try to enable g_ether, but it seems not to be compiled.

I followed these instructions:

Additonal, I found these: (first comment). But I was unable to bring up g_ether.

In this forum, I searched in the H2&H3 section (

). But it seems that the current build is not supporting g_ether. Is there any tutorial how to install and enable g_ether with only a serial connection (I have an additonal CP2102 USB to UART module therefore). I would like to remove g_serial from the USB OTG?

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