Mathieu De Renzis

Common desktop settings not saved on reboot

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I installed last Bionic on a Orange Pi PC+. It's on EMMC. (it used to have an old Armbian Ubuntu with 3.x kernel before)

Common settings (background image, GTK theme, icons, panel) are there on logout but are not saved on reboot.

I saved a text file in the home user folder, it's OK.

With another common user I face the same problem, with the root account settings are saved.


My Linux knowledge is average, I really don't know what's wrong.


Thank you



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Sorry 1 for late reply, I was away for the weekend.

Sorry 2, I guess I should have posted this in "Common issues" section.


You were right, a few directories were owned not by the user, but by root instead. I don't know why.

By the way the second user I created was actually OK.


I changed ownership and group of those few directories and files back to the user with chown -R and chgrp -R (my Linux knowledge is only average, was that the best way to go?).

Thank you and thank you for your and other folks' outstanding work on Armbian.



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