Armbian in 3D

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?
10 minutes ago, martinayotte said:

Personally, I'm still doing builds for some because I own boards such "micro" and "nanopim1plus2" ... 

Good news to have more CSC. I didn't know FriendlyElec also have a +2 board? I thought Orange Pi was the only one with such ridiculous naming. I've got the OPi+2.
I just checked the eos. Any reason why the OPi2 is eos? It's got the H3 that's supported on many other boards. Orange Pi's are the most downloaded images on Armbian. So I wonder if somethings wrong with it.

I can just do this. Clear enough I guess.



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4 minutes ago, martinayotte said:

You mean OPi+2E ... it is not EOS ... (I own one too) 

No, I've got the OPi+2. Actually a good board. But when I bought it I believed it would be 1.6Ghz. How foolish I was :) So for that I hated it. But it's good for data sharing. 
But I'm wondering why the OPi2 is eos.

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2 minutes ago, NicoD said: ?

It looks to be a nice board. But I say that on what I see...

Oh ! I see ... It seems to be a mistake on the Web pages, because in Armbian build scripts, ie : config/boards, it is still orangepi2.conf, so not an EOS ! :P


On my side, I wonder why nanopim1plus2 is EOS, probably due to micro-usb powering, but I power it thru GPIO pins ... <_<

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I've finished all of them. All 4k except the transport one. That would take too long since there are many light sources and bounces.(+10hours) And even then the quality would be less since I've got to lower some things.
And the N2 isn't super stable either.
They are all converted to jpg because the original png's are together 560MB.

My favorite is the under construction one :) But you can't use that for supported :lol:

@lanefu If you need anything more, let me know. I hope people are going to like them, I've already seem them too much. 

Now I can start putting my render farm together to make new animations for my channel.

Armbian Backgrounds JPG.7z

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