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Weekly developers meetup

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This week meeting topics:


1. XML / JSON generation to support CI

2. Compilation of legacy configurations (Opi Zero2 legacy does not build)

3. Re-organise forums - Maintained / Unmaintained hardware



General goal of weekly meetings:


  • To discuss the three (3) issues of the week
  • Discussions will be documented to respective Jira tickets so they can be tracked
  • Three (3) new issues will be selected from Jira for the next meeting


The purpose of a weekly developers meeting is to coordinate development of the build engine, continuous integration, operating system features and low level support. Meetings are hosted located on Zoom (Video) and IRC and Discord (Text). While  we would prefer you attend on Zoom when possibly, we  will also monitor text chat during the call for those unable to join Zoom.  Please RSVP either way.


Do you want to participate or help in some way?

Meetings are focused in developers top level topics and its expected that understand embedded software development, software testings or operating system management. In term of programming languages, knowledge of at least BASH & Python is expected.

Since meetings are held in public, any registered community member can join and listen. If you want to suggest issues for the next week, you have to be recognized Armbian contributor. If you want to become one, resolve at least one intermediate level issue and tell us something about you. This is needed to efficiently communicate and to give you access to our organisation infrastructure Jira, Github, hardware lab and servers.



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