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  1. The Alfawise Box is below 40€ on Gearbest, thats cheaper than the Sunvelll. Mainline USB3 Gigabit and Bluetooth... It was not yet released when i bought my z28. Rk3328 is promising and Development is fast, hope we will get real Sound on HDMI on it. @Igor I can not find any WIP on RK3328 on Armbian, did I miss something?
  2. I found the Error, it is my USB to Serial converter, when it is plugged in i have to wait. The Box is working when the converter is plugged of... I am going to look at the solder points tomorrow.
  3. It is a strange Phenomen. The Box is not completly broken, but every Time I "shutdown" there is no sign of life for Minutes.... Here is another Log from Today :https://pastebin.com/iBuJAEJW
  4. Here is a log i took yesterday https://pastebin.com/2uA4xxpf. My z28 died today and i do not go and buy another one
  5. I did some soldering this Morning and found, that my z28 is not going to Maskrom Mode when I connect the two Points.
  6. Porting Android to this is Box would be fine, since the upcoming the Rockbox would be the same Hardware. I saw Widevine on your Android Image @r1kaomsk, good work I am going to solder a Switch to this Points, so i will have a Dual Boot Box!
  7. I did not try the EMMC, but you can see it with a Tool like Gparted.
  8. The TV Box Topic is here. .
  9. Just for the Record, i have Ayufan´s Xenial-Mate-Rock64-Armhf Image running on a Z28 TVBox 1GbRam/8Gb Emmc....
  10. Some Time ago I bought a cheap Z28 TV Box fromGearbest for 27€. I was curious about this chip after I saw a Picture of the Rock64 here on Armbian. When I first connected the Box it only comes up with 720p Resolution, far away from 4K at all. Some other things happened, Rock64 was send to Devs and Developement seems to become more and more Stable, so it tried to check Ayufans Android Image on this Box. I got me the Android Tools and flashed the Image to the box on a Windows Machine . Adroid came up without Network, (as expected) but seeing this Image Booting made me thnking of trying the a Desktop Image on this Box. The Android Image can be flashed via Android Tools, but not the Linux Image. To make the Box boot from SDCard it has to be Set to Maskrom Mode. This could be easily done with the Android Tool. 1. Start the Android Tool on Windows 2. Go to Upgrade Firmware 3. Load some Firmware for this Box (the one from Ayufan or some of the originals..) 4. Plug a Male to Male USB Cable to the OTG Port of this Box, while Pressing the Reset Button for ca. 5s 5. Now go to "Erase Flash" , Done the Box is now in MaskRom Mode.. Just like always prepare a SD Card with an Image and watch Ubuntu comig up on this Cheapo. I am writing now from this Box and even this is an early Stage of Developement, it looks very promising. (Just found that "Take Screenshots" is not working...)
  11. It is the same Kernel and build with the Build-script last Weekend.
  12. From general public view I would suggest to freeze Developement of all Boards with BSP 3.XX.XX Kernel. New Boards should be only supported, when there is Mainline Support and Documentation Support by Vendors. There should be no Support of Boards with known Issues until they are solved by the Vendors. In this special Case, Rock64, this means that Developement should not start until DRAM/Gbe Issues are solved. No Support for TV-Boxes, as there is no Support by Vendors. But I think voting is the Best Solution. Regards
  13. I have just checked my OpiPC+ it is running fine and stable. . I think, there is some Problem with your Network. Regards
  14. So the tricky part is above my skills, but I am going to connect some wires to the UART Pins to be prepared when the fun starts early next spring.
  15. @Kwiboo is there something to test on the Z28 Box, I got the the small one 1/8?