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  1. You can also use the first script in /etc/rc.local and set them to # Target temperature: 25°C, 30°C, 65°C TRIP_POINT_0=25000 TRIP_POINT_1=30000 TRIP_POINT_2=65000 I use these trip points on my XU4 Cloudshell2 - and it works like charm, the fan speeds will then run around 180,.
  2. Hi, You can use: sudo find /sys -name pwm1 | grep hwmon That command find the fan location, so you can edit your scripts to point to the fan. Thanks.
  3. Me myself has not worked with NanoPI, so my conclusion is based on other boards - I like the idea with LEDs blinking in a certain way, but could be you have to put in a fairly amount of work. But again others can also have benefits of your work. Thanks. Hope the NanoPi experts have some great ideas to help you. Best luck.
  4. @Mathias - Did you find a solution to the problem? Thanks.
  5. sudo nano /etc/hdparm.conf #Disk1 /dev/disk/by-id/ata-YOURDISK { # mult_sect_io = 16 # write_cache = off # dma = on spindown_time = 240 } #Disk2 /dev/disk/by-id/ata-YOURDISK { # mult_sect_io = 16 # write_cache = off # dma = on spindown_time = 240 } 240 = 20mins - It works at my setup, i did't try lower spindown time. Some drives can bee spun down with hd-idle. change HD_IDLE_OPTS value, then start and activate hd-idle.service. let me know if it works. Thanks.
  6. I did have some probs with my sata card on 5.4.26, how is it working for you?
  7. I did also have cpu error on 5.4.26. I did downgrade.
  8. I have moved the thread to Rockchip 3399 , Thanks.
  9. Hi @Mathias, there is a utility for seagate disks - if you use such? OpenSeaChest. It has a lot of different features spin on low power and so on. Best Regards.
  10. Did you check out the Armbian-config? It seems weird to do it that way around, you want to donwload to emmc to boot from it? What about sd to emmc?
  11. Determination and Stubborn, i like it. You do not quit without fight ;-)
  12. @martinayotte thanks, nice and profitable feedback