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  1. @balbes150I think i read some where that default passwd is: asdasd
  2. @jtremblant @Salvador Liébana @Werner @TRS-80 - From my point of view, i did not think @Werner wanted to insult you on purpose. @Werner did propose I think you all in some point misunderstand each other.. Lets all take a deep breath Again from my point of view, it seems you all are on the "same page"
  3. @Waryle Thanks for update, and the fine description. Yeah, BTRFS is a problem i did also hit the "wall" and did also go through with Ext4, i havent got any downtime yet.
  4. @Waryle I boot up from SSD drive, i use a 5 port sata card. And boot from the upper port "5" Im not sure if it can boot from other ports, but i did disconnet all other drives, than the "boot" drive, on first boot-up
  5. @Waryle - Myself did use, uboot from.. Auyfan, i'm pretty sure, it was an img to burn on the sdcard to the spi. It was pretty easy. I will look for it tonight. Thanks. *Im not 100% sure if the uboot, was able to boot from any port, what card do you use? *This one on your sdcard - u-boot-flash-spi-rockpro64.img.xz, boot up. If remember right it is that one, and when your box start blinking, it should be done. I did wait a minut, just to make sure it was done right. NOTE **2020.01-ayufan-2014-gff2cdd38 released ayufan: rockchip: allow to boot scsi4, as JMS585 can have 5 dr
  6. @Salvador Liébana I agree with you in the point about, more useres, "maybe" more donations, but it also make the most out of the donations, and not cost more than it could give..
  7. I agree with @NicoD , well described. I would say it is a brick wall. It isnt possible to make something to something you don't know "works" or "not" @Werner Is also right, it will take a hughe time to take "care" of the more unexpirenced, and guide them... But if you could get it up and running, why not @Salvador Liébana Thanks.
  8. @GreyLinux - Sorry for the delay, i did use 2020.01-ayufan-2014-gff2cdd38 uboot. I'm pretty sure just flashed it on sd card (not 100% sure) and flashed spi, the i could boot Armbian from my "5" port on sata pcie card. Maybe it is possible with armbian-config I'm not sure, because i haven't tryed uboot update from armbian-config.
  9. @GreyLinux - Yes, i can show how i done it, i will wirte tomorrow. Its late for me now. I be back tomorrow
  10. @GreyLinux - Do you boot over micro? You can boot from the card if you flash spi on the board, i do run from SSD
  11. @GreyLinux - Same as me, really impressed. When you find the "right card", it took some time for me (7) different cards.
  12. @GreyLinux - How is it going with your new sata card and the board? Thanks,
  13. @GreyLinux - The "flexi sata cables" was a MUST to fit the 5 drives. I have used SimpNAS with sucess, works for the most "out of the box" with many of the sata cards i used. Now i run Armbian buster and OMV again, the reason is i use OMV on my other machines. And also that i can boot from the sata card and no sd or emmc is needed.
  14. @GreyLinux - I can not take credit for SimpNAS, but i did use it very much with my rockpro64 setup. Used it much to test 10-14 sata cards, and many was able to work with Focal with mainline and SimpNAS. Right now i use Armbian buster with mainline and OMV. But as yourself i also like the simple in SimpNAS ;-)
  15. @Mathias @GreyLinux - Some pics of my "dirty" setup.