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  1. It is some time ago i have started my cloudshell2 up, it runs with OMV5 i think with screen working also. Why OMV6? Thanks.
  2. @aaronouthier - I did move your thread, to the other supported boards forum.
  3. Okay, the rockpro64 as a small NAS is pretty cool. I still use my as a small storage server, vpn and some stuff. - Do you use the rockpro64 NAS case?
  4. @AlexVS - What do you use it for? For some storage or? Thanks.
  5. @TRS-80 - Just got a new 5port SATA card for testing, runs very nice! A delock card
  6. @TRS-80 - Ohh yes, i know your opinion about GUI - I will check it out, i have a ROCKPRO64 with 5 SSD just sitting on the shelf.. What do you want to do with it? RAID BACKUP? what about apt install spl-dkms zfs-dkms it it fails you can check the status with dkms status
  7. @TRS-80 - I haven't tried ZFS, but sounds interesting - Is the ZFS in OMV good enough? I can install and try it out? The card i use now has been running for months now, also heavy read and write tasks, many different kernels, no problems at all. So stabil for sure. But i can try the ZFS out, you just say the word.
  8. @TRS-80 - Nice found, i have been testing around 10 sata cards, all of them 4 or 4+ ports.. And all "dirt" cheap cards have all been working, also out of the box.. But the more expensive cards have problems, all of them.. I now use some "no name or so" PCI-E 3.0, 5 port card, with 5 SSD disks. And that card also can boot the system (Not all the cards can) @TRS-80 - If i should test something for you with the 5 port JMicron card i have, just tell and i will do so. Did look just now, the card is with JMicron chipset.
  9. @TRS-80 - Is it possible in any way, the login did come from you with 2 login attempts almost same time, if you follow me?
  10. @TRS-80 - I have not received email notification related to the topic, have you noticed from any other sites also?
  11. @TRS-80 - Got it working? *Did forget your last line, with the reporting back info.
  12. @TRS-80 - I do use i 5 port card now, works out of the box, and very cheap.. any ways. If i remember correct, i did something like this: cd /etc/udev/rules.d sudo nano 99-9230.rules in the file add this line ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="pci", ATTR{vendor}=="0x1b4b", ATTR{device}=="0x9230", RUN+="/bin/bash -c 'echo %k > /sys/bus/pci/drivers/ahci/bind'" reboot, and the card should be visible, in OMV Hi, i have inserted link from a older thread, where we talked about rockpro64 as a NAS
  13. @balbes150I think i read some where that default passwd is: asdasd
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