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  1. @martinayotte thanks, nice and profitable feedback
  2. Your right @jshc1 if you turn the blue light off manual. It will not show if the kernel fails, right? @TRS-80 the blue light indicate if the kernel are loaded right, then you will have blue light blinking. But if the kernel fails the blue light will be off.
  3. ODROID XU4, HC2, HC1, C2 and N2 does have the same blinking when turned ON. But you can easyli change the LED behavior with different commands put one of these commands in /etc/rc.local Blue light off: echo none > /sys/class/leds/blue\:heartbeat/trigger Orignal state of light, it is called heartbeat. echo heartbeat > /sys/class/leds/blue\:heartbeat/trigger Constant on: echo deafult-on > /sys/class/leds/blue\:heartbeat/trigger On SD card access: echo sd >/sys/class/leds/blue\:heartbeat/trigger There is alot of different blue light settings. You can change blue light behavior to track your emmc and cpu load etc. cat /sys/class/leds/blue\:heartbeat/trigger
  4. Okay i will set one of the servers up later tonight or in the morning. Thanks. Do you have a way to do so without armbian-config? I have transmission installed..
  5. @Igor i have a dedicated server i am able to seed torrents from. I have looked around in torrent at the mirror site. Shall i DL all the torrents and seed from there, or is there a package i have to seed? Thanks.
  6. My best bet will be @balbes150 it could be some of his universal image would do the job?
  7. Look forward to read more about your findings. Am i the only one is curios what is inside the box?
  8. We talk about test of different parts of the Rockpro64. Sata cards, power supply, etc.
  9. @chwe - It is a great idea. Will be alot easyer to find usefull information then.
  10. I havn't looked at the nfs, but the time is coming very soon. The plugin Remotemount is mounting my samba shares different at every reboot.. Very very annoying when i have to edit docker at each reboot. So i have not run in troubles 'yet'.
  11. @Mathias - I have run some tests now. With a Samsung Portabel T5 500GB connected to USB-C, 1x 4TB WD Red NAS HDD and 1x 8TB WD Red NAS HDD. I got 2 or 3 random reboots. I did wirte 10TB down, and did backup 2TB or so. Not sure why the reboots. CPU & HDD temp was acceptable. I have found a chaep 4 port sata pcie, i can't find info on the board itself. Will teste the 4port card now. @deathisunknown - I have looked around, there is someone that has wrote a python simple fan control. I have not tried it out. You can check it here FAN control not 100% sure if it is only to ROCK64. Here is some patch made to work in Libre.. Maybe it could be to some use, to point out. This on is to LibreELEC FAN script ROCKPRO64 and HERE . Will you please report back if it helped you? Thanks.
  12. The test is runniug so far. I have been writing to both disks. And backup some personal files on the USB SSD from time to time. I will let it run to tomorrow at midday.
  13. Hi, i forgot to mention a Samsung Portabel T5 500GB is connected to USB-C, sorry i forgot. And the 2x 3.5" (4TB) & (8TB). I did start the test some time ago. Thanks.
  14. @deathisunknown I'm looking into the problem now. Did you try the other image? @Mathias Okay, i have now been at the office. Picked a 8TB 3.5" and a 4TB 3.5" - Wiping the drives, no problem for now. I will give the HDD presure to tomorrow. ( I have the 5A from pine shop )