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  2. you might ask @Lion Wang or @Nora Lee if they can give you access to their newest repository on github. the repo contains a bit of documentation from RTD how the bootloaders are supposed to work (e.g. recovery etc). It seems to contain also the sourcecode for the SPI part of the bootloader (I'm not up to date how much of this code is currently 'in the wild' so please forgive me if it only contains stuff you already know).
  3. >>root@orangepilite2:~# hciattach /dev/ttyS1 bcm43xx 921600 noflow - When i tried attach 6255 by this way BT adapter hangs up. So i set mac address with brcm_patchram_plus and attach adapter as generic hci device with hciattach /dev/ttyS1 any see my previous post for detailes
  4. I think with my firewall script it is possible to do different set of rules ( Bridge, Routing, NAT ) can be enable according to desired mode
  5. Here a small set of rules i use with the precedent script Rule can be easy enable and disable with set or reset executable status off file rule firewall.d.tar.bz2
  6. wasn't the a5x max+ the box, which cannot boot from sd, as the sd-card is connected to the wrong emmc port for that? - you may search the rk3328 tv box thread for how to flash it via usb connection best wishes - hexdump
  7. Then why don't those modules appear on my Helios with lsmod? Running Buster. Only af_alg shows up.
  8. @5kft I edited my table a bit less conservative - setting also 960 and 1008Mhz to 1.1V. and the OPi Zero Plus2 H5 "does work" - i dont know how good, but for testing reasons it seems to be OK for me hardware limits: 480 MHz - 1.01 GHz available frequency steps: 480 MHz, 648 MHz, 816 MHz, 960 MHz, 1.01 GHz idle: cpufreq stats: 480 MHz:95.51%, 648 MHz:0.15%, 816 MHz:0.70%, 960 MHz:0.01%, 1.01 GHz:3.63% (142)
  9. can anyone help me how to use uart2 PB0,PB1 and uart3 PG10,PG11 uart0 works PB9, PB10 all serialpots is enabled in xxx.dtb "okay" but not work what can i try to do?
  10. Don't know but this post might help determining the board type (dtb to use): If not, you'll have to try every dtb and be patient - even though the screen isn't working, ethernet and usb might be - see
  11. Hello everyone, my TV box is NEXBOX A95X S905X 1G/8G - Android 7.1, kernel 3.14.29. What is the best option to use for this model? I have tried some, but to no avail
  12. Hi @guidol, my guess is that you are seeing the crash at boot on your board because of the default hardware limitation in the Plus2. Using the default opp table you can run an Plus2 at higher clock rates than 816MHz only if you've added the missing MOSFET part (see thread at The default opp table is requiring 1.2v for operation at 960MHz+, and the regulator output for an unmodified OPi Plus2 is 1.1v. It might be possible to reliably push the H5 to 1008MHz at 1.1v, but the default table is more conservative (not sure why). FWIW I run all my boards at higher speeds, (including my NEO Core2s at 1.4GHz - see
  13. I actually had that issue with the board shutting off with the firefly image from June. Was hella frustrating.
  14. balbes150

    NanoPC T4

    It's not urgent. In this thread write that it seems to work, but I would like to see an experienced user. ps The details about using these images, there is in this topic.
  15. I inserted the USB flash drive and SD card (see picture), then plugged in the TV box power, the system still enters the Android system. I don't know which step is missing.
  16. I will, but only when I will have some free time, I'm very busy these days ... Thanks !
  17. balbes150

    NanoPC T4

    Hi. If you don't mind, please check the latest image Armbian (and LE from here on T4. After recording on the SD card to configure file (/extlinu/extlinux.conf) which DTB to use (specify rk3399-nanopc-t4.dtb). Armbian LE
  18. Yes ! I've one T4 ...
  19. This is a V5_0_1 EspressoBin. It's working now with the 600_600 image. It appears the problem was created during pasting the environment into the terminal - after restoring the environment to default, I was able to TFTP without problems. Careful examination showed that when I pasted the environment into the terminal, a few characters are being dropped. After carefully typing it in manually, I was able to get it to boot. Thanks for your help.
  20. that makes so much sense. So you could run the cores differently? But even after updating to latest version and going to slower governor still kinda hot
  21. yes, after the change it says conservative, but temp still 60+
  22. Q HiFi Tv box Origin China, Processor S912, 2GB RAM 8GB eMMC SD card 32GB ARMbian Balbes150 image 5.95 Ubuntu Desktop WIFi and Bluetooth Not working. USB wifi dongle works. can boot from USB thumb drive.
  23. still ondemand, try with conservative .. might result few degrees lower .. though temperature is rather high imho should be +/- 40 degrees ( depending whether idle or not )
  24. The UART rescue images to be used are those here (18.12-v2). To be on the safe side, please use the 600_600 or 800_800 images for your board. Did you follow the uart recovery instructions (use miniterm - not minicom etc.) ? Do you use a V7 or a V5_0_1 EspressoBin ?
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