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    ftp-bin2fex got a reaction from NicoD in Daily (tech related) news diet   
    wow.. nice bacteria rick and morty fun  
    Hey look I setup gyroscope sensor with arm cpu to move this around anyone care? probably not :''(
    someone try to set it up with your armbian handhelds for auto orientation, the sensors called gy-521
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    ftp-bin2fex reacted to sfx2000 in Lichee Pi zero   
    Nice work - must have been a bit of effort to squeeze a liter of code into 250 ml bucket...
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    ftp-bin2fex reacted to chwe in orange pi zero h2 img on a banana pi zero?   
    you can go through this one
    or to keep it short: BPI-M2-Zero is only csc supported, you've to build the images on your own.