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  1. change pin position near wifi antenna
  2. copy and paste in adress bar www.oboom.com/82BRP4U9/eere416.pdf
  3. I noticed in last raspberry pi geek (DE) in board comparison use Armbian as prefer os for cubieboard https://www.oboom.com/82BRP4U9/eere416.pdf
  4. Support this screen but need to by loaded from modules lika a modprobe syntax
  5. Did you use gpio pin to interface cec line ?? http://s32.postimg.org/pje7f8wxh/13288071_1729521520638095_1622379550_o.jpg
  6. MOSI - 19, MISO - 21, SCK (SPI_CLK) - 23, CS - 24, RESET, DC and LED - 11, 13, 15. power supply and ground as usual sudo modprobe fbtft_device custom name=fb_ili9341 gpios=reset:1,dc:0,led:3 speed=48000000 fps=25 rotate=90 bgr=1 txbuflen=65536
  7. Melanrz

    3.2 LCD

  8. Hi Igor,Thomas,can you build with next release wifi/bt drivers for wireless chip?
  9. Tutorial for ili9325 and spfd5408 soon tutorial for fastes ili9341
  10. Working many wifi dongles ready to go,bluetooth,dualschock based joypads,working many deb package from ubuntu only dependencies must be done before ,working reset button but maybe is hardwar short on soc because working on all img tested,or script.bin defined,must check it.Tomorrow i check dvb cards,smal lcd on gpio.
  11. i raport only not working nand-sata-install (pointed from Igor that its not yet done on m2p) but is on info from download page in spec. EDIT I noticed now Bugs or limitation eMMC installer not ready yet.
  12. All of allwinner board manufacturers should pay a sunxi community like a free donate for what they did to make usable this hardware!!!! I see your battle on banan pi forum to convince producer to get the right way,but it still same :/ Maybe have no people in grade to make some serius work,i dont know. I will compile wifi bt driver soon so i share source.I see to that chip have to fm radio build,need only solder wire for antena and get proper driver.
  13. wow,you are my hero!!! i searched all yesterday but always stand alone box forgetting that i can use pci card on my pc!!!!!! hahaha lol,thanks i search one with shipping in germany.
  14. Demo of armbian.Soon i buy hdmi recorder so make better demo.
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